Finally a blog!

At last! A sunny corner of the internet to keep you posted on the making of the documentary The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard. The movie focuses on the personal processes of the Pirate Bay founders Tiamo, Anakata and Brokep.

Apart from giving you a peak of the film work, this blog is a way for me to explore new ways of financing documentary projects. Today it’s exactly one month until the Court of Appeal hearings start in the Pirate Bay trials. I’ll use this month to raise 25 000 USD with the help of our good friends over at kickstarter. The money will be used to edit the material as soon as the trial is over.

Our small crew has put together 4 short clips from TPB AFK to be released here every week this September. We’ve also put together a short discussion forum and produced an animated 5 episode miniseries about copyright conflict called ‘A Swedish Perspective’.

We think that creating this discussion will help us find more ways of financing the film.

Many of my friends are artists and musicians. Some are indie, some are on major labels. Some support filesharing, some hate it. To get my own head straight I started out by talking to a bunch of Swedish feature film producers, researchers and internet entrepreneurs. They all agree that the current copyright legislation needs to be updated to the realities of the new technologies. Read about their experiences in You Can Help.

The process of documenting processes is unpredictible. If the Swedish court process doesn’t miraculously speed up in The Pirate Bay trials, we’re at least a year away from the opening night of TPB AFK.

TPB AFK is not a fan movie about the Pirate Bay, neither is it a journalistic piece on copyright conflict. It’s an observational, character driven film about three guys whose hobby homepage became the embryo of a global political movement.

TPB AFK is in the making, follow our process here,

Simon Klose,

South East Asia, August 2010

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33 Responses to Finally a blog!

  1. Rachid says:

    thank you sir for all you want to do , good luck

  2. Paul Willis says:

    IMHO This is the greatest, as in most significant topic on the internet stage today. Will 3 Swedish computer freaks be able to continue a great idea that is all about sharing. Have at it guys! Good Luck.

  3. BridgeLife says:

    w00t w00t…… w00t w00t!!


  4. Awaken says:

    They know. They are coming soon.
    Please keep your eyes open.

    I can say no more.

  5. Seventhief says:

    without this sharing… i dont even think what will happen

  6. PirateDex says:

    the piratebay is the most helpful file sharing website to the people, who are poor to afford for originals. infact we are using the originals thanks to TPB.
    As a matter of fact in my laptop and desktop computer almost all softwares (including windows 7 OS)and everything else are downloaded from TPB.
    i’m in a third world country.i am not rich enough to afford to by bill gates windows os or other softwares, films etc etc…thanks to my dear TPB friends i download whatever i need from TPB. there are millions of people like me.


  7. Gir says:

    Peace man

    Wonderfull Idee

    cYBER War is beginning ;)

    Good Luck !!!

    gREETZ Gir

  8. Jon says:

    Good luck to you man.

    I’ve been using the site for about 5 or six years now.
    Honestly it’s the only reliable site I’ve found for sharing. Plus, you have t-shirts!

    Peace be the journey,

  9. Tayelrand says:

    You are the driving force against the 21th century censorship.

    You know very well that the underlying theme is not about copyright. It is about knowledge.

    Who has it and who controls it.

    Knowledge is power.

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Frederik S says:

    Great idea for a movie – but why the corny star wars alike trailer?
    Show us some of your clip and give us the details in a more subtle way – and loose the dramatic movie music.

    Looking forward to see the whole thing.



  11. Christian "bunga321" says:

    Good luck! You have quite the job to do, do it well.

  12. Seba says:

    as Tayelrand said, this is not about copyrights, they are only trying to keep their power. but it can’t be stopped. they have to change the laws, we need new and more accurate rules for this new world coming.

    we feed mega-corps for centuries and now they have to share-back all that knowledge, it is the only way, it is the right way.

    TPB you ROCK!!
    SIMON i cant wait to see the film

  13. Arber says:

    Hope that the prosecutor is going to consider very carefully the decision the court is going to make about the TPB.
    I strongly believe the hackers, crackers, sniffers etc are going to join the forces against the Governments involved in this process.
    The end result for those governments is that “they worked against them self”. God luck Governments that you’re turning your own youth people against you!!

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  15. Aditya Moghe says:

    The whole world is with you guys.
    This system has to change if we want the better internet community.
    This film will start the war, it WILL WIN.
    Go Tiamo, Anakata and Brokep, win against this government, who wishes nothing but power in their hands.
    I’ll support you forever.

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  18. CEEA says:

    Very cool blog.
    Thanks for your work.
    Hope that you get at least 25.000 dollar for this important project.

    Good luck for the upcoming weeks :)

  19. Tory says:

    This is awesome, I can’t wait till it’s finished! And good luck to you guys, more power to you.

    Also people should support open source software, it’s in the same realm, and it’s where software sharing started! Richard Stallman started it all with the GNU license. So support open source software, and maybe we can end software monopolies, like the one Adobe has on the world of art!

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  21. soep says:

    this can hardly be called a trailer. Post a trailer with some real (raw) footage. If you expect people to donate you should give them a bit more! There a lot of scams out there. In this way you can prove you are not one of them

  22. bunseng says:

    Im sure you in cambodia. interesting subject.
    buy the way if you need my help please let me know.
    cuz im in phnom penh too.

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  24. Sybren Geniet says:

    Respect man!! You are already a hero!

    If there’s any support you would need, you could always send me an email. You never know…

    I wish you all great luck in the world in this very exiting influence you are going to make happen to the internet-culture!!


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  26. Yan says:

    Thank you very much for the link! I can’t wait to see that movie. When is it going out? Keep coming back whenever you want!

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  28. bobobobobobo says:

    i hope u win but i think its hard…

  29. be3n says:

    As much as i am looking forward to seeing this film as you intend it to be, why not give it to the community that thepiratebay was the center of. Post all your footage and let us make it our film. it would be cheaper, no? maybe it would take on a life of it’s own.

  30. offie says:

    is there anyway that i can see the survey? because im wondering why a Professor of Medical Genetics is doing a survey of that. . .

  31. PBelling says:

    They want to get money for it.
    That’s hilarious. Money for a creative media product?

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  33. denglish says:

    I can’t wait to see the documentry either. Even if TPB goes offline (permentaly), it won’t stop other file sharing websites to pick up the slack. In the end we know who will win, and it won’t be the Goverment…. Technology advances much quicker than what the law can keep up.

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