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9 Responses to TPB AFK Clip – ANAKATA

  1. Jeroen says:

    A real internet addict =D

  2. Angel With A Multi-tool says:

    judging from the “goddamn password” and “set failed on wireless device”, someone is trying to play around with aircrack… ;)

    anakata is… adorkable =) thanks for the clip!

  3. Zeros says:

    @Angel With A Multi-tool: i think your right :D

    And Anakata: Howdy :D

  4. henngel says:

    haha, take it easy!

    this will be a great documentary.

    tpb members are geniuses[anakata,TiAmo,brokep]

    greetings & congrats to all crew and simon klose too.
    from north Of southAmerica (y)
    see u s00n

  5. DREWKREW says:

    Aircrack lol, aircrack is a stressy lil bitch of a prog that often leaves u wondering if its more hassle than what its worth

    I wonder how many wannabe “hackers” [i use the term in its ignorant sterotypical form] have downloaded Airsnort/aircrack and abandoned it within 5min of unpacking the rar it came in lol

    Educational all the same.

    Write ur own exploit to enjoy everyones exploits. A motto to live online by…..

  6. fermus says:

    upp med lite bilder från studion sen!! yaaarrr!!

  7. tmc says:

    I read that the documentary was supposed to be compelted by the end of September already! It’s October, any word on a REAL release date?
    If it had been released it’d be all over the internet by now.

  8. Mark says:

    is there any release now?

  9. Slips says:

    Every time I have seen this guy he is cussing. lol.

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