The second clip:

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10 Responses to TPB AFK Clip – BROKEP

  1. BB says:

    this looks great!

  2. BamDave says:

    I can’t wait for the full feature!

  3. Jimmeny Xmas says:

    cinematography looks excellent

  4. Ali Gündüz says:

    “Flash Player 10+ Required”

    Sorry, only free software flash players on my machines.

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  6. christoffer says:

    I bet that they started out with the purest of intentions, but now? It’s for the money.

    And I’m not talking out of my ass here, I had a pretty big downloading site ranked at 700-800 on alexa a while back, and at most I earned close to $30k a month.

    I bet that they (with alexa rank about 100) pulls in a good $100k/month or more. It’s all about the money now baby!

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