Here’s the first out of three TPB AFK clips we’ll be releasing this September.

Also we’ve posted the second episode of A Swedish Perspective here.

Ogg versions here (thanks Osama!)

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9 Responses to TPB AFK Clip – TiAMO

  1. Luca says:

    Looks professional, the car – gangster like :P , goog lighting & cinematics, im looking forward to it.

  2. Luca says:

    you should also describe the scene in the docu! imho

  3. carnivale says:

    I was a little worried that the 200 hours of footage you had was mostly face-to-face interviews, but the shot with Tiamo in the car was nothing less than feature-film material. Btw, great job with the “epic” atmosphere. Don’t get lazy though, keep it coming :D

  4. Osama Khalid says:

    Here is an Ogg version. Feel free to share it and link to it.

  5. Jimmeny Xmas says:

    epic win man…If the documentary is as good as this 1 minute clip…it will be good enough to be released at cinemas worldwide.

  6. Kaze says:

    This looks FANTASTIC – I’m psyched for the final film!

  7. sebbe says:

    verkar riktigt bra

  8. Pannek0k says:

    Hey Tpb very nice clips, i have a lot of respect to you like guys you keep fighting for tpb very nice ….

  9. henngel says:

    “…so 1993-98 I was online day and night…through modems on hacked accounts.”

    great project klose!
    krazy for the final film!
    come on!

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