51424 thank you’s!

A week ago we successfully finished our crowd funding campaign at kickstarter. We raised 51424 USD from 1737 backers. Yes, that’s about 29 dollars per backer.

During our one month adventure we had over 400 000 unique visitors from more than 170 countries checking out our campaign. I had no idea we had support from Honolulu and Curitiba to Jakarta and Novosibirsk. Now that I now, it’s hard to stop smiling.

In court it’s been a hectic week filming. In the new Swedish court system you are not allowed to enter any new evidence in the Court of Appeal. So we are watching videos from the interrogations done in the District Court last year.

Watching the absent Anakata answering questions on a screen in court felt like watching the extra material of the film I’m making. Which is almost as meta as Tiamo wearing a t-shirt with the cover artwork of the film while I’m shooting it.

Episode 3 of A Swedish Perspective is finally up. Animating by hand takes time so bear with us, the last two episodes are coming soon.

Saludos from the balcony where the kickstarter campaign was made!


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3 Responses to 51424 thank you’s!

  1. tmc says:

    Any updates on when the documentary will be done?
    Or is this an ongoing process to include events which are currently unfolding and that’s why it’s still left unfinished? If not, what’s the reason for the delay?

  2. middleman says:

    I think the tpb trial that is going on right now is whats holding up.

  3. Becoca says:

    Hey!! Greetings from Puerto Rico!! I’m waiting for the documentary….I can’t wait to see. Ciao ciao!! and good luck ;-)

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