‘This Material is Not Covered by Copyright’

The last day of the trial had a great surprise for me. It turned out that the filmed interrogations from last year’s District Court hearings can be obtained by the people being questioned. Guess who’s suddenly sitting on hours of meticulously composed 4×3 DV-quality .avi files shot by the great cinematographers of Stockholm District Court?

For all you troglodytes who are still wondering about the title of this project, here’s a screenshot for you.

In an email about the legal status of the video interrogations one of the court of appeal judges briefed me that ‘This material is not covered by copyright law’.

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8 Responses to ‘This Material is Not Covered by Copyright’

  1. Skid says:

    when will the promo film clip from tbp afk be available to the public.. .you know, the complete one that you showed us.

    • simme says:

      It’ll take a while. Right now we’re editing scenes to get film workers and financing onboard. Releasing scenes out of context won’t benefit the final film. Have patience amigo ;)


  2. mattias says:

    hey im from sweden im just wondering if this relese is gonna be a p2p relase or are we gonna se the same content thats is in the dvd ?? …

  3. Rema says:

    On the third screenshot, the guy at the back’s smiling at you!

  4. Darek says:

    Props, real props for fighting, for all hard work that You putted into free internet, into P2P, into Pirate Bay.

    And can’t wait to see movie, I probably going to translate it right away to Polish and public subs on every website which provides subs downloading.

  5. SoNick_RND says:

    offtopic – second image is broken.

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  7. Humppaava Groovaaja @ Steam says:

    I can’t wait for this film :) Although I’ll propably p2p-dl it first, I think I might also buy the DVD for supports and shit :p The ship can no longer be sunk.

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