Check check

Today was frantic!

I was in a panel discussion at Copenhagen’s film festival CPHDOX discussing crowdfunding with Yancey Strickler and the audience.

It was great to finally meet my first backer Yancey. In a minute he went from being some creepy anonymous internet dude to a sincere person who seemed genuinely interested in my work. More artists should try this thing. Thanks again for your 10 bucks Yancey (and for founding Kickstarter)!

In the middle of the discussion – was it during the question about the Swedish taxsituation? – Klara Grunning-Harris came up to the stage and handed me an envelope. Klara is a dear friend and colleague who generously lent me an American bank account so I could realize the Kickstarter project. Thanks again Klara!

$43 200 is what we got after Kickstarter and Amazon took their cut. I better leave this at home if I end up in that film festival bar.

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20 Responses to Check check

  1. Michael says:

    Hey, I just used a check scanning app on my iPhone to deposit that check to my account, thanks! :-D

  2. Geir Steinar says:

    Haha, yeah, don’t spend it all in one night ;-)
    Is it just me who think that 1/5 of all the 50.000$ Kickstarter takes? Jees…

  3. Slips says:

    If only my USA government and George Soros would be so honest to show us all of their checks. LOL!!!!
    Thats pretty cool, good people can pull together in times of crisis. Make us proud!

  4. Mookey says:

    yeah you really need to block the account letters out on that check. its just asking for it.

  5. Thought Police... says:

    Hey, if Kickstarter took 5% and Amazon took an entire 5%… that 10% only equals about $5K…

    $51424 / 10% = $5142
    $51424 – $5142 = $46,282

    Your check is three thousand dollars short.

    I’m tired of shady business practices (which is why I have little sympathy for the entertainment industry)… perhaps we don’t have the whole story, but I just wanted to point this out.

    $3K is a substantial amount of money to get misplaced.

    TPB is Dead, Long Live TPB!

  6. Loo says:

    @Thought Police: Where do you find that they would only take a 10% cut ?

  7. simme says:

    Thanks friends,

    this is my first love affair with an American check, wasn’t aware that the account no could be used by others.

    Kickstarter takes 5% and Amazon’s rates are a blurry mess of fees depending on how you pay and what country you do the transaction from.

    The missing rest is payments that didn’t go through. I’ll specify the details later this year when we’re finished with the full kickstarter report.

    Just gotta make the film first.

    / Simon

  8. violation says:

    any idea’s when the film will be out?

  9. henngel says:

    hola a to2.
    today 23Nov2010
    3 days left to verdict of appeal
    mean: tpbafk documentary will be presented :D
    or maybe not? ¿o.O?

  10. Rammzi says:

    where is the fucking film allready?

  11. Emery says:

    Kickstarter says that you need an american ID, address, and bank account to start a project. How did you manage to get around that?

  12. eu says:

    i thing you all got shagged :) ) there is no film, simon got the check and vanished with it :) )

  13. Jo says:

    Yees, where is the FILM!?

  14. mattias says:

    it takes time to make a movie understand that guys

  15. name says:

    I think he Fucked off with all that cash…
    Heard nothing from him in weeks >_<

  16. bent hansen says:

    The Interview on Danish radio (p1):
    Its on Danish / Swedish…

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