The coldest winter in 100 years

The verdict that was announced last month reached two of the TPB founders through a shaky internet connection in a sleepy South East Asian suburb. They had just stepped off a karaoke session on a Mekong riverboat. Nobody was surprised. Less jailtime and a life time of economic debt.

Having shot the pirates in Asia I flew to Senegal to do my last regular cameraman job (before the Kickstarter cash magically materialized in my account), for Musikhjälpen a Swedish public broadcaster fundraiser against child exploitation. Finally it seems I can afford to work full time on TPB AFK.

I’ve decided to try to find an editor in Copenhagen. Denmark has a vibrant film climate and some really talented editors. The past week I’ve spent discussing TPB AFK’s storyline with Janus Billeskov a great editor and an experienced storyteller that is helping me formulate the film without doing the actual editing. It’s been a fruitful injection of dramaturgy for me, answering some questions but mostly raising new ones, forcing me to define the storyline as much as my intentions with the film. Hiring him was made possible by You, sincerely greatful for that.

A couple of weeks ago Swedish metereologists claimed that the coldest winter in 100 years is here. With the TPB verdict, the soon to be passed Data Retention Directive and the Wikileaks cable about the leery cooperation between Swedish and American intelligence you better dress properly. It’s cold out there.

Hook Santa up with a link to our brand new store here.

Merry Christmas!


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4 Responses to The coldest winter in 100 years

  1. Jeroen Merks says:

    The verdict is such a shame..
    Good luck with the editing !

  2. matte says:

    Merry Christmas to all you guys in making this movie and to the pirate bay funders love you guys :P

  3. Nicolas Etcheparre says:

    More than a shame regarding the verdict… Was wondering if there was a way to support them financialy in order to pay the fine? Good to get some news from TPB AFK as well, can’t wait!

  4. Birdy says:

    Congrats to Tunisia!

    Obama and Biden couldn’t remove this dictator. Wikileaks, though, DID play a role!


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