A cup of coffee and 4 TB

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11 Responses to A cup of coffee and 4 TB

  1. Redeyes says:

    Did you shoot this just after a visit to a coffeeshop? ;)

  2. fabio says:

    it is too cold in spain too.
    But i will go here instead
    have fun and looking forward to see ur work !

  3. Ubuntu4life says:

    Good luck!

  4. Alex says:

    Make sure you’ve backed up all of those terabytes! BTW hope that all the raw footage will be released on TPB for us curious folk!

  5. Alex says:

    It would be great for people to make their own mixes from the raw footage

  6. matte says:

    jummy my whant some coffee to :P

  7. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to TPB:AFK. You better make this good! Good luck with the 4TB…


  8. Anders says:

    Good luck over there :)

  9. ?? says:

    Can’t wait for the film.

  10. Shouryuu says:

    Can’t wait for the movie! Best of luck in the production!

  11. john says:

    send me an email if you happen to be in bangkok. we can have a cup of coffee.

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