Dear Facebook Group

I’m starting Phnom Penh’s first rooftop youtube cinema instead of doing that crappy docu. Thank’s for the dough Kickstarter.

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12 Responses to Dear Facebook Group

  1. matte says:

    whait whaaat :0

  2. Etcheparre says:

    Waaaaiiiiitttt a minnutttteeee…

  3. Winston says:


  4. George says:

    Omg what?Are you serious?

  5. simme says:

    I was only serious about being ironic. Renting a 1960′s apartment in Phnom Penh is a great way to isolate yourself from the world, focus on a project and work in an inspiring atmosphere. Also it saves me money. In Sweden I pay around $1200 for an apartment plus studio. In Cambodia I rent a space for the same money but sharing the rent with friends. Bottom line, I’m here to indulge in making TPB AFK, not Cambodia.


  6. Cindy says:

    Gottfrid Svartholm also resides in Phnom Pehn: a coincidence? I THINK NOT?! :p
    Have fun there, and make a hell of a docu!

  7. George says:

    Oh ok…i suppose my english are not very good…Keep up the good work.

  8. Angel With A Multi-tool says:

    @Cindy: that would better be a coincidence! we don’t want the supreme court to suspect that Gottfrid got out of the hospital, do we? :D DD

  9. Matt says:

    Is the documentary going to be released during the summer? Earlier? Later?

  10. simme says:


    The film will be released whenever the court case in Sweden is over. It’s still being appealed.

  11. Jacob says:

    When is the next appeal trail happening? any news?

  12. Marcus says:

    Is looks like Frej from Maskinen, am I wrong?

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