Phnom Penh Branch

Tomorrow marks the first day in the year of the metal rabbit. I’m celebrating the Chinese new year’s on the roof terrace of TPB AFK’s official Phnom Penh Branch.

My original plan was to start editing TPB AFK with a friend in Brooklyn. Thought I’d show him, and you, why a slice of the crowdfunding cash went to a rooftop in Phnom Penh instead.

I ended up renting this place with a bunch of good friends – Finsta, Frej Larsson (Maskinen & SlagsmĂ„lsklubben), Simon GĂ€rdenfors, Promoe and IRK.

Is it ironic that I’m editing a piracy docu in a house full of musicians, illustrators and comic book artists?

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3 Responses to Phnom Penh Branch

  1. Ubuntu4life says:

    It’s important to be in a relaxed space to be truly creative.
    GL :p

  2. Kraig says:

    SOLD! I wanna move there! How much is this place? Seriously I want one!

  3. Jimmy says:

    Wow cool!
    I’m a Phnom Penh citizen
    and a huge supporter of The Pirate Bay :D

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