Totally not related

But still. 5 bucks later TPB AFK is being edited on an organically farmed teak laptop.

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9 Responses to Totally not related

  1. cdgg says:

    It’s beautiful.

  2. mattias says:

    i dude i whant that skin on my computer to :(

  3. Ubuntu4life says:

    Totally not related but totally cool.

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  5. Leo says:

    Fking awesome.

  6. Nikolaj says:

    Where? I must know where you can get this work done? And be specific, Bangkok is a rather big place :-)

  7. Jonas says:

    Love it.
    Looks like you got it done in Psorya Shopping center. Maybe I’ll give it a try next time I’m back from Prey Veng.

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