Last week the Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden) decided to grant me SEK 200 000 (roughly $30 000) for finishing TPB AFK. Since I’m in the middle of setting up the editing schedule in Denmark the money comes as a warm welcome. I’ll break down the budget transparently as soon as the financing work is finished.

Konstnärsnämnden is a government agency whose function is to support artists and to ‘compile information on the financial and social conditions of artists, in order to provide basic data for the government’.

If TPB AFK can send a signal to the Swedish government how an open internet can benefit independent artists’ financial conditions, maybe they’ll revaluate their schizophrenic internet policy. To me it’s incomprehensible how they praise internet activists that help spread democracy in the Middle East and at the same time oppose the same activists building an open internet in Sweden.

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  1. Ubuntu4life says:

    Great news !

  2. mattias says:

    awesome :D

  3. Kardinal says:

    Great news, but do you have an ETA as to when the film will be finished and ready for viewing? I am really excited to see it, and knowing that my contribution was part of it, reminds me that when people are motivated, they CAN solve issues.

    Now, if only the US would take care of the health insurance situation like other civilized countries, it would have a shot at being a livable place.

    Maybe come here and make a powerful documentary about that? I’ll give money and if it became known, tens of thousands (if not more) Americans would also. I lived in other countries, and Europe, for the most part, has a far better understanding of “modified capitalism” — yes, you can work for more, but more is not “all” and everyone still matters.

    Here? It’s the 1% who control over 95% of all the assets and money and the rest of us? Their chattel… mere cattle to be used, there are so many of us; and that includes people with educations and “good” jobs.

    We have the “best” insurance Amazon.com offers – and if you need to go into the hospital, the “co-pay” is ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. See the doctor? 45 dollars. And so on.

    Sorry, off topic, but another issue that needs to be tackled head on and without flinching… by people who won’t lose their jobs and homes if they speak up.

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