Welcome aboard Henrik

This blog turns 1 today, happy b-day!

To celebrate that, I’m really glad to announce that Henrik Moltke will be helping me out with the project before K starts editing in November. Among a bunch of other inspiring projects Henrik helped start up Creative Commons in Denmark, worked at Mozilla’s Drumbeat and helped out brewing open source free beer.

Also he co-directed one of the great inspirations for TPB AFK, the Rosforth produced 2007 documentary Good Copy Bad Copy. The production wasn’t just groundbreaking subjectwise but also by negotiating a contract with the Danish National Broadcastor DR that enabled them to release the film online for free as well. That’s how we roll!

Check out the full movie here!

Creative Commons License BY-NC

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4 Responses to Welcome aboard Henrik

  1. mattias says:

    happy birth day pirate bay away from keyboard hip hip hurray :D

  2. Fede777 says:

    When will the documentary will be out????

  3. PLEASE MAKE SPANISH AND OTHER LANGUAGES SUBTITLES!!! All world is waiting and vieweing all videos from TPB AFK blog!

    Great job!

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