The first doc I helped crowdfund is a tyrant’s horror flick

You know the feeling when you support a crowdfunding campaign out of the blue just because it sounds decent and then the flick you backed turns out to be mindbending?

I didn’t until now.

How to Start a Revolution is the first film production I’ve given 30 bucks. The pleasant surprise of having contributed to a strong film on the humble, opressed people’s hero Gene Sharp and his From Dictatorship to Democracy (download pdf) makes my first experience as a backer a wild one.

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3 Responses to The first doc I helped crowdfund is a tyrant’s horror flick

  1. Cortex says:

    Dude, any updates on TPB – AFK? Thanks.

  2. Mark Question says:

    “Otpor!”, who originally created the fist logo, was an instrument of c i a for overthrowing a regime in Serbia. Some of the key people in this organization later publicly admitted that they have been financed to “perform the job”. Once they finished, the funds stopped flowing in, they more or less disintegrated, but some of the key people went to other places in the world to share their experience and create new organizations similar to “Otpor!”, on the behalf of the big brother.
    Nobody knows who actually won the elections in Serbia back then, since Otpor successfully burned the pile of uncounted votes in the parliament building.
    There is a lot of info online on how “someone” controls the situation around the world by means of “people’s hero Gene Sharp”, and anyone please think again before donating/watching this upcoming video.

  3. csryrhyu536 says:

    kie? porady, jak ograniczy? jego luki likability. \”gdybym by? mitt romney, co bym zrobi? … ka?de miasto [gdzie – pójd? do zdarzenia, chcia?bym najpierw zatrzyma? w staples \”mccarthy powiedzia? poproszony przez pytanie. \”dlaczego mia?bym zatrzyma? w staples? p

    b poni?ej 50 s? gotowe do opuszczenia, podczas gdy tylko 25% z nich w ci?gu 50 chcesz przenie??. spora cz??? osób powy?ej 50 s? prawdopodobnie na emeryturze i maj? niewiele je?li d?ug hipoteczny, natomiast te z 50 s? bardziej uzale?nione od rynku pracy i mog? pod
    – Buty MBT

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