Are we first on earth with an html5 remote? TPB AFK Augumentary v0.2

I have a bipolar relationship to html5 and video.

As a curious film consumer I love the way embedding links into online video can broaden and contextualize – not just documentary storytelling – but all kinds of storytelling. As a filmmaker however, I think links in the middle of a movie frame are a distracting threat to the story as well as to the cinematography.

So. We came up with a way to munch the cake and stash it too. We connected a dual device – your smartphone, tablet or second computer – so you can sit in your sofa and get all the links in your lap – synched to the film you’re watching full screen. That way you can check out the links after or during the film and you won’t have to see them blinking all over that fabulous cliffhanger end scene.

The first part of our Augumentary demo (try it yourself!) was made using popcorn.js by the great team of Henrik, Greg, Nick and the remote controlled part by Jon and David. Also thanks to the entire Mozilla team for putting us together!

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12 Responses to Are we first on earth with an html5 remote? TPB AFK Augumentary v0.2

  1. mattias says:

    so does this mean no torrent ?

  2. XenGi says:

    Is there a non flash (html5) version of this video so that people without flash like me can see this?
    Would be cool. Thx.

  3. Lewis says:

    This is an awesome idea! I love researching what i watch in documentaries :D

  4. Anonymous says:

    Where the fuck is the documentary?
    You stole people’s money for a …blog and free vacations..

    You should be sentenced to prison instead of piretebay’s owners..

    • simme says:

      hey thanks for your patience, we’re hard at work editing the film and hope to release it late 2012.

  5. Big Earl says:

    @Anonymous: You don’t get the documentary, just some links and youtube clips. That’s what you get for expecting something for your “voluntary” donation! (Pirate Bay, dhhhhhh)

    Comments on Sweden’s sentencing is upcoming, I hope. Stealing, downloading, and mayhem seem to be safe in another country.

  6. Manuel says:

    the public needs a sequel!

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