Dear backers (and the rest of the world)’s a short glimpse of the film and the editng process with Per K Kirkegaard, the great editor you helped me finance.

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5 Responses to Dear backers (and the rest of the world)

  1. DVD says:

    When the movie will release ?

  2. DVD says:

    late 2012 early 2013
    I Cant wait.
    waiting for this.

  3. onny says:

    I really would like to see this movie in my regional cinema :)

  4. newto says:

    cant’t wait for this!

  5. Slippery Mistress says:

    Great clip… can’t wait to buy the first copy. And most of all hope all of the guys get to go home with no worries. Pretty soon, we wall all pay for what we do and say on the internet of someone doesn’t stop this madness.


    ~previously impatient

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