Ola Fløttum composes TPB AFK’s score

After a short trip to Japan to research my upcoming film about the homeless truckdriver Tacchan (and seriously chill out with my permaculture homeboy Phil) I finally got TPB AFK’s score from our composer Ola Fløttum. It’s really a thrill to see the scenes I’ve been struggling with for years grow into something entirely different with original music on top. I see light in this tunnel! In september we close the edit, then it’s just the music, sound design and color correction left.

Check out a clip from Oslo, August 31st with Ola Fløttum’s score here:

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6 Responses to Ola Fløttum composes TPB AFK’s score

  1. Carlos Solís says:

    One more thing: Please don’t let Ola Fløttum license the soundtrack separately from the rest of the movie, like what happened with the Blender short movies. Thank you.

    • simme says:

      Don’t worry amigo, the soundtrack will be released under a CC-license as well ;)

      • limmel says:

        The remaining question is: When will it be released?

        I enjoyed it greatly while watching the movie. Can’t wait to throw it onto my iPod.

  2. Jiddu says:

    I’ve just watched the documentary. What a great work, the content, the editing, the cinematography, the objectivity and the music were great. I actually ended up being here cause I’ve wanted to download the music.

  3. M says:

    I really enjoyed the soundtrack for TPB. I’ve also seen Reprise and Oslo, August 31st and really liked the score for those as well. I’m looking forward to a release of this!

  4. Me says:

    Liked the documentary very much. The soundtrack was great as well, I wouldn’t even mind giving away a few bucks for it (to tell how my interest goes for it), but eh, ready to seed as well when it’s released ;)

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