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This is how you want to release TPB AFK

Ok, one bike ride around the block later, I hereby present TPB AFK’s super duper swarm survey result. You guys really have some vivid thoughts on how to release the film. Thanks, there’s some great inspiration for our strategy here. … Continue reading

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How would you distribute a film about the world’s largest film distributor?

The Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard

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What does the internet sound like?

That’s what we discussed today at Tonestyrelsen when sound designer Morten Groth Brandt and Jakob Garfield started working on the sound. Having shot most of the film run and gun myself with a mike mounted on the camera, sound has … Continue reading

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Anakata on founding TPB

If the clip doesn’t play try the this one instead. Following the news of Anakata’s arrest in Cambodia the very last week of editing has been a tumultous ride for me. According to the latest reports Anakata landed in Sweden … Continue reading

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