Anakata on founding TPB

If the clip doesn’t play try the this one instead.

Following the news of Anakata’s arrest in Cambodia the very last week of editing has been a tumultous ride for me. According to the latest reports Anakata landed in Sweden today and was immidiately charged with new allegations of hacking the Swedish tax authorities.

The reason we shot our Kickstarter video in a tuktuk along Sisowath Quay in Phnom Penh was because we we’re in Cambodia trying to tell Anakata’s story. I hope that Anakata is in good health and that the situation will turn out to the best for him.

I am sharing a clip of Anakata telling the story of how he started the PIrate Bay at the District Court Hearings in Stockholm in February 2009. The footage comes from the Court itself and, according to the Court of Appeal judge, isn’t copyright protected.

I am releasing the clip into the public domain so that even if anakata is locked up, his story will be free.

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7 Responses to Anakata on founding TPB

  1. Dennis Nilsson says:

    The clip isn’t playing!

  2. Felix Svensson says:

    Jag kan inte spela klippet. Finns det någon annanstans än på vimeo??

  3. fostair says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for all your work, I (as a backer) am curious what the result will be.

    But how can you claim to put a CC license (for which you need the copyright) on material that is being distributed freely into the public domain? There is no copyright on it, so why would you try to put yours on it by licensing it on CC-BY?

    Great stuff; I love the updates.

    • simme says:

      You are right fostair, thanks! You learn something everday ;) I have replaced the clip without the CC-logo. Although we don’t have an exact equivalent in Swedish terminology, the clip is now in the public domain.

    • Bernd says:

      > There is no copyright on it, so why would you try to put yours on it by licensing it on CC-BY?

      In countries like Germany, there is no exact copyright, but something alike is on by default, so we need explicit permission to use the material. Withour a license, it yould be a gray area or even illegal to watch it.

  4. Sydney says:

    Anakata said, he coded the “new tracker”.. Didn’t they ran Opentracker, written, let’s say from some “chaotic” guys around Berlin?

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