This is how you want to release TPB AFK

Ok, one bike ride around the block later, I hereby present TPB AFK’s super duper swarm survey result. You guys really have some vivid thoughts on how to release the film. Thanks, there’s some great inspiration for our strategy here.

In chronological order:

1. Use The Promo Bay
2. Project TPB AFK onto the walls of the major copyright organizations headquarters
3. Make it available on as many platforms as possible
4. Offer donation options, possibly with incentives like t-shirts etc
5. Post the full length film on youtube, vimeo etc
6. Release torrents
7. Partner with russian mobster torrents
8. Be agile and think about the long tail
9. Promote on social media, FB & Twitter
10. Contact the Pirate Parties and have them share, re-tweet and re-post
11. Sell digital copies of the film
12. Whatever you do, make sure you get the support of your fans
13. Make a fan organized worldwide screening
14. Sell DVD’s
15. Sell it to TV-stations, but keep it free online
16. Get it into national archives protected by law
17. Make it evidence in a court case so it becomes publicly accessible
18. Find a distributor that can release it to Arthouse Cinemas
19. Make a Digital Cinema Package and release it for free so theaters can download and screen the film
20. Think crossmedia!
21. Split the film up in episodes and release on streaming sites to create suspense to catch attention
22. Use amateur subtitle communities to spread the film all over the world
23. Talk to large internet friendly corporations, Google might be interested in alternative business models
24. Get a special youtube deal through a bigger company, get more media buzz
25. Apple might be interested in doing a pilot for donation based payments
26. Talk to Amazon
27. Stay true to the spirit of TPB and talk to the community
28. Crowdsource via Kickstarter and Indiegogo
29. Prove to the entertainment industry that a new world exists, is supported and works
30. Step outside the box
31. Contact radio stations
32. Check out what the film Good Copy Bad Copy did
33. Release it on
34. Check out how Zombie Orpheus have distributed their movies
35. Do like Ubuntu Linux, release for free on TPB and sell DVD’s

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6 Responses to This is how you want to release TPB AFK


    15 !
    Sell It to Tv station ant release it on the internet.

  2. mattias says:

    aweosme list man :)

  3. brian says:

    i stick with my suggestion which happens to be the last one LOL!
    35. Do like Ubuntu Linux, release for free on TPB and sell DVD’s

  4. firstroad says:

    keep it free on the internet but sell it on tv stations, theaters and on DVDs

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