What does the internet sound like?

That’s what we discussed today at Tonestyrelsen when sound designer Morten Groth Brandt and Jakob Garfield started working on the sound. Having shot most of the film run and gun myself with a mike mounted on the camera, sound has always been my weakest link. Not having a sound guy around is a great way to create intimacy with people you film, but it’s also a great way to totally ruin a scene. I’ve tried both.

Really looking forward to see what Morten and Jakob can cook up!

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  1. João Marcelo Ribeiro says:

    Simmon, I am really anxious for this movie, for certain! Every news makes my heart jump ;)

    One question that is hanging over my head: how the guys are supposed to pay those monstruous fines? Anakata for once seemed in pretty bad shape for one sitting on 4.5 million dollars =/

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