TPB AFK is a wrap! Merry X-mas 2012!

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  1. Jeroen Merks says:

    Wohoooo! Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Aran says:

    Wonderful :)

    Looking forward to see it on arte.

    Are you going to release a DCP? I would be glad to try to convince some cinemas in switzerland to show it.

  3. Andrew P says:

    This is great news!!!

    I am truly excited for this.

  4. Big Earl says:

    F–kin cool! So stoked to see this. Thanks Simon, bitchin bitchin bitchin. Proud of you, and happy to have had an opportunity to help out. Can’t wait!

    Moment of silence for our man Anakata.

    OK moment gone.

  5. Kraig says:

    Amazing man! Been following this blog since it began! Can’t wait to see this film dude! And congrats on such a ground breaking landmark agreement with the broadcasters. History is made :)

  6. the1after909 says:

    Congratulations – can’t wait to see it and get a DVD copy :)

  7. Graham says:

    Awesome! Awesome seeing a kickstarter donation pay off in full!

  8. Johan says:

    If I want TPB AFK on cinema in lets say small European towns is that possible? I live in one!

    • simme says:

      We are discussing a crowd sourced theatrical release, maybe we can screen the film in small towns if enough people want to see it.

  9. Bryan says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see the finished product. I know it’s been an incredible amount of work. Congrats!

  10. Henning Andersen says:

    How is the shipping of the dvd handled?
    Since I pledged I have moved to a different address, and I can’t remember if I have told an address to begin with.

    • TPBAFK says:

      we are not there yet, but we will get back at you (and everyone who help funded) when shipping start to make sure you receive your DVD in your new address.

  11. will these be Linklib’d versions?? #crossesfingers

  12. Jeroen Baert says:

    Congratulations guys! Can’t wait to see it!

    Have you contacted the Belgian broadcasting services? VRT / RTBF – I’m sure they would be interested too.

  13. Su Sanni says:

    So proud of you Simon! It’s been what…2 year since the Kickstarter project and you’ve made it happen! Excellent job and story.

    Can’t wait to see it! Let me know if I can watch it now – if it’s streaming/hosted anywhere…Thanks! Otherwise, looking forward to the official release :)

  14. Hi Simon,

    Congrats for accomplishing this task! We’ve been waiting for this film for a long time :-)
    In conjuction to Johan’s commment (2012-12-26 at 12:34),
    would you be interested in a screening in Athens-Greece?
    If yes, let me know.

    Best Regards,

  15. J. says:

    Great news!
    Will the VPRO show the full documentary or will they cut it down for their program ”Tegenlicht”? (they did that recently with ”Big Boys Gone Bananas”)

    How did you approach the broadcasters? Sent them screeners? Used a sales agent?

    • simme says:

      As far as I know they will show our uncut version. Yes, me and my great producers have been meeting all the channels on different documentary events over the past years.

    • simme says:

      As far as I know they will show our uncut version. Yes, me and my great prodcucers have been meeting all the channels on different documentary events over the past years.

  16. M says:

    This is not the first CC Film screened on SVT! “The Nasty Old People” was the first one and it was released on The Pirate bay before that and screened all over the world on cinemas for free.

    • simme says:

      I’m a big Nasty Old People-fan! Hanna and the crew are pioneers and a great inspiration. As far as I know it’s the first CC-licensed movie SVT has aired. The film was acquired by SVT however, our film is the first CC-licensed film which is co-produced by SVT itself.

  17. Anders says:

    Can not wait.

  18. AFX says:

    Dito. Cant wait! Been waiting for a long while now;) Good work, and congratultions its a wrap!
    This will be awesome to watch! Keep it up!

  19. Rustan says:

    Grattis Simme!!!!!!! Längtar efter att få se den! Någon releasefest planerad i malmö? Kram Rustan

  20. Victor Rodrigues says:

    Greetings for TPB !!!
    Brazil loves this site.

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