This free film is also for sale

After the amazing response of our trailer release (700 000 views and climbing) we have decided to listen to the overwhelming demand for a way to buy the film.

Yes, TPB AFK will be released for free, but if you want to support us who made the film you can now choose to do so.

It’s now possible for you to preorder a stream or download of the film for $10 or a DVD for 20$. If you preorder before the premiere we’ll throw in the deleted scenes as well (they will be 5$ after the premiere).


Since we are trying to find new ways to use the internet to make a living we are using a great new service called VHX. They know the internet and the needs of filmmakers. They are giving us, the producers of the film, a really sweet deal, and you, the audience a great way to watch the film.

Help us prove that an open internet is a realistic way forward for artists in the digital age!

Simon Klose
director, TPB AFK

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14 Responses to This free film is also for sale

  1. Don Reba says:

    Pre-ordered. Hope the release goes smoothly.
    Good luck.

  2. Ely says:

    Where can I pre-order?

  3. Henning Andersen says:

    Will the deleted scenes be included for the people who backed You on Kickstarter?

  4. Jeroen Baert says:

    You guys should really put a link to the pre-order page in this blogpost. I came here from my RSS reader, so it took me a while to figure out that I had to open the main website to see the pre-order page.

    Bit of a hassle, but pre-ordering anyway.

  5. flopz says:

    Greece loves you TPB :D !!

  6. Axle says:

    The pre order has only one price option for payment for the preorder do i choose later if i want dvd or stream?

  7. mais says:

    waiting for this :D

  8. Oni says:

    About those deleted scenes… do the kickstarter donators get in on that?

  9. Gonace says:

    So the film is going to be released when? No estimate?

  10. pacav69 says:

    For pre orders go here

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