The film is out

Dear internets!

Premiering the film at the Berlinale and the internet was an amazing, tumultous, mindblowing ride. I won’t write about it at length today. Too exhausted!

A day after the release the film has 408,360 views on Youtube, 27 000 seeders on TPB (although TPB doesn’t keep stats). The film also flooded the web with thousands of tweets!

Also the community created Dutch, French, Russian and Portugese subtitled versions. Here are the subtitles in txt format. (eng) (es) Also, please send us links to your translations!


The TPB AFK team will have updates regarding the extra material, the DVD and the Remix-version next week.

Thank you for making the release of TPB AFK one of the most thrilling experiences in my life!

Please watch the movie here, we love your feedback:

Free Download at The Pirate Bay
Buy it at VHX
Watch on SVT and Youtube


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12 Responses to The film is out

  1. ren811 says:

    Hi, I’m the translator for the Portuguese version you posted in the article.

    Care to update the link, to this version:

    It cointains some typo fixes. Thanks!

  2. yellowcake says:

    A face is blured in TPB AFK you tube official full lenght version at the part taken from a TV8 (a viasat TV channel). For exampel at 31 minits and 46 seconds. It’s esay to find out whit youtube, google, wikipedia and IMDB how that is! Show way that bluring?

  3. Great work! Thanks! :)

    One tip: You should use Amara to subtitle the film. Then anyone could translate just as much or little as they can really easily. It makes collaboration between strangers on translating as simple as possible, and it’s Free/Open Source Software!

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  5. weblamer says:

    Russian subs for TPB AFK are totally unreadable. Not that it’s a machine translation, but it seems the releaser translated the subs without watching the movie.

    AFAIK, two teams are currently working to make better subs, and I hope to see the release at Rutracker and all the major trackers here. :)

  6. ren811 says:

    Are we going to be able to download the soundtrack as well? I really liked the background music of the trailer. :P

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