TPB AFK broadcasts and screenings

TPB AFK will premiere in Copenhagen, Denmark tomorrow at the Grand Teatret. Simon Klose will be joined by Henrik Chulu from Bit Bureau, Maria Frendeslund from the Danish Copyright Alliance and Ronni Fridthjof.   Holla if you are around!


Also, here are the dates for the TPB AFK public service broadcasts in the following european countries:

BBC4 (England) February 19th – 19:00 PM
SVT (Sweden) February 26th – 22.00 –  February 27th- 00.05
DR2 (Denmark) February 26th
ARTE (France) April 2nd
VPRO (Netherlands) March 7th
Finally, we have collected a few peer organized screenings we have found on the internet. We love this poster from Chile: 


(Please post your upcoming screenings in the comments section so we can share them!)

Make sure to check out the new Screenings page, where we will announce the film festivals in which The Pirate Bay – Away from Keyboard will be screened during the next months.


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5 Responses to TPB AFK broadcasts and screenings

  1. Mark says:

    I watched the BBC4 Show, and i wish to ask, was it you guys that cut it short or the BBC, anything to do with Wikileaks, i could understaing being removed by/for BBC, but Entire section with Roger Wallis.

    • simme says:

      No, we gave the whole film to BBC and they did their edit, apparently to get a better time slot…. We are sorry.

      But you can download from TPB the film, unedited and legally :)

  2. DUPP says:

    Dublin University Pirate Party are hosting an organized screening this Friday – anyone who is around Trinity College Dublin around that date is encouraged to come :)

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  4. (CC)inema says:

    We will host a screening 24th of April. It will take place at the Filmhaus in Saarbrücken, Germany. Please come around if you are in the area!

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