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DVD’s shipping!

Yay, the film is finally physical! A bunch of DVD’s arrived today and will be shipped to Kickstarter backers and all you lovely people who supported us! If you want to own this this sweet piece of internet history, go … Continue reading

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Google fixes censored links

A few hours after I wrote the blogpost about Google not responding to my mails, I was called up by David Mothander from Google. He apologised for the long delay in responding to my email, apparently his reply had gotten … Continue reading

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Google ignores TPB AFK-censoring

This is a lengthy update to my Open letter to the Hollywood studios censoring TPB AFK-rant. Despite the fact that Google claims to do its “best to catch errors or abuse so we don’t mistakenly disable access to non-infringing material” … Continue reading

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DVD’s shipping in August

We are finally finishing the DVD-authoring this week. At the moment we are hard at work on two DVD’s – one regular and one with over 2 hrs of extra material. The regular DVD’s will be shipped the first week … Continue reading

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Swedish wiretapping demonstration 2008 #tpbafkXTRAS

5 years ago I met Peter Sunde at a rally against the Swedish wiretapping law FRA. I felt that the systematic monitoring of my life online was scary, undemocratic and bizzarely out of proportion. Hearing Peter’s stories about TPB and … Continue reading

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