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  1. Frank Macias says:

    Editor for hire! Since 1994

    Although I am nominated this year for best editing in a music video (short-form) my passion is longform independent documentary as I myself am sitting on quite a few hours of footage of a friend’s band, to be released by 2012.
    more info here:

    Also have experience in editing longform docudrama for television.

    Kudos on your project! And thanks for your consideration. I’m located in NYC, USA.

    • BOBNWEAVE says:

      I have browsed through the movie and am yet to watch it. However it gives me great pleasure to see the work and suffering this small “band of brothers” went through to get torrents on the web. Some of us come out of hiding to praise. This is my first ever Public appearance, but I do it in honor of these men.
      Bob ‘n Weave

  2. Karbis says:


    My name is Karbis Sarafyan. I have watched your video at about making this documentary about the pirate bay. I find it to be very interesting and I happen to be a filmmaker, I am a director and editor, and I thought of contacting you and letting you know that i would love to help you in any way possible to get this documentary to a completion.

    If you would like to talk to me, just email me or add me on facebook.

    Goodluck with your documentary!

  3. Pirx pilota says:

    hi!, I live in Colombia (south america)and i wish you guys all the luck in the world for your project!!!!!!!!
    Im a video artist and TPB saved my carreer!! i couldnt afford to buy a camera :( but inspired by copyleft, the pirate bay replace it in a way, it has become a source of inimaginable material to work with!! is just great! and as the guy up me said-i would love to help you in any way possible to get this documentary to a completioN!!


  4. Marcus Graham says:

    I am an independant editor/director and i would LOVE the opertunity to edit your film.. I have ALOT of knowledge about editing and a great editing setup.. If you could give me the chance i promise i wont let you down.

  5. Marcus Graham says:

    I am an independant editor/director and i would LOVE the opertunity to edit your film.. I have ALOT of knowledge about editing and a great editing setup.. If you could give me the chance i promise i wont let you down.
    email me back :)

  6. Carlos Sepúlveda says:

    Hi, I like to help U guys in this extraordinary documentary. Im A GraphicDesigner. I now is not much… but I’ll doo what I can XD. emailme for helping in any way posible.

  7. Sergey says:

    Hi, guys! You must do this, and I want to help you.
    I am a graphic artist, and if you need something just write me;)

  8. George says:

    Nice Project.I am from Greece and i love the TPB.Keep up the good work.

  9. David Carnahan says:

    Hi there,

    I am in the US military and trained by them in film and radio. I would love to offer my talents and training to help out with this picture.

  10. Hi,

    As a student at University studying Film and TV production, I would very much like to get involved in this project, if I can do anything to assist, I would love to help out, it is projects such as thepiratebay and this film which are helping to improve the Media industry,and look forward to what will happen next as a result of this Documentary and website.


  11. Akbar says:

    Hello Simon..
    Have you asked Johan Söderberg?
    The film about the Pirate Bay should be the best possible, and the best documentary editor on this planet happens to be a sweede!

    I hes to buisy, im a fairly good editor myself, although i live in Oslo. I´we got a masterdegree in Documentaryfilm-directing and have edited a few films as well. If your interested you can see some of my stuff at;
    Please get in touch if theres anything i could help out with. Good luck with the project, who ever you choose as your editor. I´m looking forward to see the film. Maby, like so many other good documentaryfilms, i will have to download it on The Pirate Bay to see it!
    :-) akbar

  12. Justin N says:

    Award winning editor here – Would love to help you edit, for real!!

  13. Maxado says:

    I own a professional editing company here in são Paulo, Brazil!
    I’ve been editing documentaryes for some years now! PLease let me help!

  14. Steven K says:

    I’m a freelance 3D animator/motion designer/video editor with almost a decade experience working with ad agencies, creating material for clients like HP, SYSCO, Schlumberger, etc.

    Check out my stuff:

    If you deem me worthy, let me know. I’m really interested in helping mold this into something great.

  15. DrewKrew says:

    lol… becoming a pimp-channelfor grphx dezzer’s and dir-eds.

    the onesuwant are the ones notproclaiming wonder….?

  16. DrewKrew says:

    and darn my dodgy [SPACE] bar lol.
    >inserts hammer<
    [keys smash]
    (humour – inverted commers)

  17. Niek says:

    my name is Niek
    And I’m A 15 years old editor from The Netherlands
    I´ve edited video’s for youtube vloggers
    Some of my video’s have millions of views
    And I make tutorials to help other filmmakers
    I’m interested in your story
    so I decided to edit your video for free
    If you like to see some of my work
    send me an email
    I hope to hear from you soon

  18. Jakub Vlk says:

    Guys if you need a pilot anytime within EU ;)

    -best of luck with the documentary and thanks to TPB founders for they don’t let us down and keep fighting!

  19. Andrew Reid says:

    Hey, I thought I’d leave a message to say that I can’t wait to be seeing this and I’ll be making a contribution shortly, I have to make sure I get the dvd cause i think this would be amazing to take to a friends etc to watch

    All the best


  20. Rafael Motte says:

    Hi, I’m Rafael from Mexico City… I’ve been working on different production and editing jobs for 10 years. I have used the piratebay. I just want you to know that if you need some help I’d love to work on it… Not only on editing but on distribution and whatever you want here in Mexico, just to let the people know what’s really happening behind ther CPUs, behind their keyboards, behind their countries government. GOOD LUCK GUYS!!! REALLY, GOOD LUCK ON THIS FILM!!!!! I CAN`T WAIT TO WATCH IT!!!!

  21. Sindalf says:

    Noticed this project like everyone else here and I took note one specific part that interests me. “- Most parts of this film are in Swedish, subs will be available for translation”

    I have experience in subtitle timing and I am wondering if you would like a hand with this aspect of the project. In specific I mean the English version. Shoot me an email if you are interested at all.

  22. I do post production for video, let me know if there is something i can do for this noble cause!!!
    since 2004 ive download all my software from the pirate bay, so i own a lot to this web site!!!
    so let me know ok
    good luck in the trial and my best wishes!!!

  23. Want ToContribute says:

    Dont know if its just my system, but I CANT donate through kickstart. Every time I try to login it says error– Tried a couple different browsers, still no joy. Please Help so I can give you some $$ for the project!

  24. Jake says:

    Hi there, I’m a graphic design who’d love to help out any way I can. I’m quite rad at motion graphics and would LOVE to do your titles for the film :D Contact me on the above address and we can work on something brilliant to go with your exceptional film. Thanks man, – Jake =)

  25. Felix Breidenstein says:


    I’m Felix Breidenstein from Germany and heard about your project on the TPB-website. I want to help you financing the film, but I don’t have a credit card, so I thought about donating via PayPal. The reason of this email is that I don’t know if I’ll also get a shirt when donating via PayPal or if the rewards are only for the people who donate with a credit card??

    Best regards,
    Felix Breidenstein

  26. Alberto Alcalá says:

    I am a video editor from Spain. I have seen your video and I would be please to help you.
    I have been editing documentarys for almost 13 years in a television channel here in Spain.
    Good luck with this interesting project!!

    Alberto Alcalá

  27. The Producer says:


    If you believe in what Pirate Bay was doing, I assume we will be able to have your final product for free? After all, as a society we’re all collectively paying for it, correct? And you shouldn’t care if I share with friends?

    Good Luck!

    The Producer

  28. CHINO COB says:

    we are in barcelona!!!!!
    send us that footage!!!

    the idea sounds great,
    assume that the images are too!!!

    contact me if there is a way for contribution….

    good luck and appreciation

  29. James Quin says:


    p2p manifesto

    we the people reserve the right to subvert capitalism for the people’s common good. we recognize that our actions are deemed illegal by an arbitrary government. we revoke said authority and persist in our natural glory. our goal of chaotic determinism aims to break the agents of property not the celebrated originators of information. we salute the originators and ask for sanction in bountiful times. we shed not a tear for those who fail our side. yet our intention is not to cause suffering but to exercise our souls in freedom. our world is abundant and we rebuff the system that imposes artificial scarcity. we hail evolution and have faith that our pursuits will cultivate wise change. we prevail in our union of democratic communication ever vigilant of our equal tendencies toward corrupt amoral systems and the people’s will.

  30. Myke says:

    Hi guys… I’m from portugal and work as 3d artist, video editor and After Effects (motion and compositing) artist… I can help you if you can just contact me and I can do something there or here.

    Good luck!!

  31. Dave says:

    Max Keiser has a site that might help for you to raise funding and awareness.

  32. Diego says:

    Tja Simon Klose och crew! hade vart tungt att få klippa ihop dokumentären. Gått Media och Pluggat film i sthlm. Klippt massa egna och andras grejer förut olika projekt kort filmer dokumentär osv. Säg gärna till så kan vi komma överens om nånting. Jag gillar iden konceptet och It’s for a good cause så jag kan lägga ner hjärta på det. Bless

  33. Brandon says:

    Hello. I wanted to become a director ever since I was a little kid. But the one problem I faced growing up was how I couldn’t afford to buy the good $700 editing programs to help me. I later found TPB and it helped me out a lot! I worked so hard to get to where I am today and in the future I hope to make a cool movie like this! I wish you the best of luck and I hope TPB will get all the thanks in the world!

  34. Novembersun says:

    Hey Simon

    I just saw the footage for pirate bay doco. I am happy that someone is documenting the evolution of one of the biggest things to happen for our times. I felt the need to write to you because of what you said about creating a separate paradigm in the age of the internet. We need to evolve into better people, where clinging to archaic ways of doing business should be changed.
    At the same time I strongly believe that no one needs to lose in this, there could be a synergy between sites like Pirate Bay, the companies who own rights and the end user. We have to embrace technology and at the same time bring everyone on board. Evolution has to be all encompassing, would love to add value to your project, if that is at all possible.

    Cheers and Good Luck.

  35. Vladimir Gojun says:

    Hi Simon!
    My name is Vladimir, I am a film editor from Croatia, and also have been directing documentaries myself… I have MFA degree in Film editing from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb ( that’s the capitol of Croatia) and have been a professional for quite some time. Ive been in the business for the last 10 years as an editor on features, shorts and feature documentaries. I have an experience dealing with huge amounts of footage on documentaries and features, one of such documentaries titled “CASH & MARRY” has been recognized as one of 10 best East European documentaries in 2009. Some films I edited had competed and awarded on some major film festivals i.e. Berlinale, Karlovy Vary, Sarajevo Film Festival, Visions Du Reel etc. I worked a lot on foreign projects with large number of people from all over the world and have a history of working with different directors from all corners of the earth. I was attracted by your ad and the subject and thought of it as a good way of finding co-operatives or building a wide network of creative people. I think that your subject is very important and worthy one and am very interested to help you finish this documentary. If you find my reply useful and appealling you can contact me through e-mail… if not, I wish you all the best on finishing your project… good luck


  36. stomcn says:

    hello there,
    I am a homeless uighur man,I live in street, but I am full of passion and a great supporter of TPB-AFK and appreciate you guys’ talents.
    we will save TPB-AFK, TPB-AFK will survive.
    By the way, if you guys bought a Island, can I immigrant to there?

  37. Art says:

    Hello and good luck, there are many people world wide cheering for copyright to be abolished, and I hope that your case makes it happen. I have been watching the hours fly off the clock at kickstart and now im wondering when will i get to see the film, can’t wait… Let us(fans) know thanks.

  38. Jiffer says:

    I’m a graphic designer, and post production editor, and short film director. I’d love to help in this project in any way possible. Let me know if you need anything what so ever.

  39. I am an Director/Editor and i support all filesharing and what it is you guys believe in. Best of Luck in the future! and just as everyone else i am willing to help out with anything necessary, i have many years experience editing on AVID and FCP.

  40. jaki says:

    Hi !
    Amazing project!
    i am a cameraman,editor and vfx artist,if u need help feel free to contact me! i would love to help!

    greetings from ny

  41. Dack says:

    I would <3 to request a TPB desktop background/wallpaper from your graphic artist.

    Thanks in advance, It will be very much appreciated.

  42. James says:

    Hi, just came to check out your site and thought I might let you know that the embedded flash player you’re using has a bug on Firefox. After playing the first video the second video does not work. The cursor does not change in the vicinity of the play button and clicking does not work.
    Firefox version 3.6.10
    Flash version 10.1.r82

  43. Gustav says:


    Awsome work you guys are putting down! Was wondering when you are supposed to send the size of the t-shirt?

  44. henngel says:


    donde consigo una t-shirt tpb-afk como la q llevaba TiAMO en el appeal day-1 ?


    buen trabajo el que se viene con este documental!

  45. Hello, there I’m an editor form Bulgaria, I have my own editing station based on Final Cut Pro. Most of my experience is at the future films, done several documentaries as well.
    Really exciting topic is this thing, the piratbay.

    you can see my work at :

    and our production company as well :

  46. ankur says:

    iam crazy about torrents and these kinds of inside stories about great technocrats.just wanted to say thanks for thepiratebay
    also i want to say plz release the wallpapers of dvd covers in higher resolution so that we can sue it as desktop background

  47. A says:


    I’m from Chile, South America. I can not give money, I’m student and I don’t have credit card. But I Promise that in future I’ll give money for things like this. Well, maybe I could help coding too.
    We must fight !


  48. JC Palmer says:

    Hi guys!

    I’ve composed a themetune for TBP AFK! Please contact me so I can show you guys the awesome lyrics and the great orchestral track along with it! It’s greaaaaaaat!

    All the very best,

    JC Palmer

  49. I want a shirt baaaad

  50. Hi!

    Editor & motion artist @ your disposal. DVD / Blu-ray authoring, motion artist for your graphics, & color grading also at hand!

    Experienced and can work in any of the software suites you are currently working in: FCP, AVID, CS5, etc.

    Name link for reel & samples.


    - wb

  51. Dalmano says:

    Hey, I’m waiting anxiously for the release of the movie. Can you in the mean time please update the page with .ogg versions of posted movies? i’d love to see the third ‘Swedish Perspective’ movie in ogg


  52. Bartosz says:


    I’m a filmmaker, and would enjoy getting some raw materials and cutting them up into something that makes a difference. I’m located in Poland and own a video editing studio. If you ever get decide to come over, just let me know.

  53. Gustav says:

    Hi Simon,

    I donated 60 USD when you were seeking donations through With that donation I was to receive a TPB AFK t-shirt. It is today March and I haven’t received it yet, just wondering if there is any problems with my shipment. Please reply to my e-mail

    Thank you in advance,

  54. This movie project is very powerful,
    I’m a web designer, infographist, flash animator and web video editor who lives in Vancouver and currently works for a 3D social Network. I can certainly help you *PRO-BONO in any post production task. I offer you right away $10.000 dollars worth of work. (editing, motion graphics, animated infography, and rendering the whole thing) ($60US per hour) . I would be very pleased to actually take all your directions and turn your content into a documentary.
    I believe in open art and open creative production as well.
    Releasing a web-based HD 1280×720 Documentary Format is what I can offer you as I’m not James Cameron. I really would like to help you, what a great project.

  55. What?s Going down i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve found It positively helpful and it has helped me out loads. I hope to give a contribution & help other users like its aided me. Great job.

  56. check says:

    ìs this movie coming out ever? ?or did all those people donate for this two year old website

  57. Slippery Mistress says:

    Hey, I am wondering if I can make a suggestion for another aspect to show in this movie? I am wondering how in the heck HOLLYWOOD can march into any other country and take computers and equipment like this, BUT CHINA is free to copy and sell what ever they want and have for hundreds of years. They have been making knock offs since before the 18th century.. am I right??

    Do you think hollywood has the balls to march into China and pull that crap??

    Just a thought.

  58. Anders Jepsen says:

    Dear Simon

    When do you expect the movie to be released online?


  59. Cheyenne Gallagher says:

    I love your original trailer for TPB AFK (not the recent one although that’s good too). It seriously has to be one of my all time favorite trailers and the music just gives me shivers. It’s so simple yet so effective and I’m really excited for release this year. I’ll buy a copy however I can to repay your hard work! Thanks again!

  60. Ted Mcaleer says:

    I’m an American voice over talent. I’d gladly help with anything you should need in that arena. Big ups…

  61. Tuomas Heikkilä says:

    >Make a movie about thepiratebay
    >make a TOS that implies that sharing any “IP” and digital content is illegal

    Talk about mixed signals.

    • Tuomas Heikkilä says:

      ps: I would have gladly donated the 10$, or even the 20$ for that matter, but now I feel that i would be feeding a system that’s flawed.


    • Claus says:

      They are just using existing laws to safeguard against the multi-million dollar lobby they’re up againts. Using their own laws to smack them in the face. Doesn’t have to be the way they intend to use it towards people with an honest agenda.

  62. TPB Brasil says:

    we now free on tpb and nothing to pay for it aye aye, and no one to pay this stupid ai ta going crazy?

  63. Richard says:

    Will you be releasing on Region A Blu-Ray?; very interested in purchasing.

  64. Greg Schrack says:

    What makes this movie different from any other movie? Next week there will be hundreds of different copies to chose from on TPB..

  65. nugent says:

    WTF Pirate Bay is charging for this movie?!

  66. If I had 20 million-bigillion-gazzillion dollars… i’d give it to you guys… I want this movie to make more money than any movie produced in the USA!

  67. Ivar Arne Brungot Aarvik says:

    Keep up the good fight! Can’t wait to see this:).

  68. Nino says:


  69. A1st4me says:

    Anytime someone modifies a fact it becomes a fiction.
    I’d love to help TPB’s legal issues but I’m not the guy. This guy just might be though Judge David Wynn Miller.

    I have to say he’s entertaining at the very least, but what he shares about Quantum PArse Syntax Grammar seems to me to be the answer to any contract. A copyright written in adverb verb syntax grammar is and does make the contract right voidable.

    A foreign vessel in dry dock, all the courts of the world consider you a vessel and trespassing, so they do not have to judge the facts. You can test it by boarding a vessel in port and see what the captain will do to you.

    Really now, I do hope you will take the time to hear what this guy is saying. Going into their court without knowledge will get no justice.

    All the world’s post offices are in the suppression game.
    The word document is another maritime connection.

    George Carlin was onto something when he said We drive on a parkway and park on a driveway.
    The languages are all there to brainwash and especially words used in LAW.

  70. Marcus Campbell says:

    Anytime someone modifies a fact it becomes a fiction.
    I’d love to help TPB’s legal issues but I’m not the guy. This guy just might be though Judge David Wynn Miller.

    I have to say he’s entertaining at the very least, but what he shares about Quantum PArse Syntax Grammar seems to me to be the answer to any contract. A copyright written in adverb verb syntax grammar is and does make the contract right voidable.

    A foreign vessel in dry dock, all the courts of the world consider you a vessel and trespassing, so they do not have to judge the facts. You can test it by boarding a vessel in port and see what the captain will do to you.

    Really now, I do hope you will take the time to hear what this guy is saying. Going into their court without knowledge will get no justice.

    All the world’s post offices are in the suppression game.
    The word document is another maritime connection.

    George Carlin was onto something when he said We drive on a parkway and park on a driveway.
    The languages are all there to brainwash and especially words used in LAW.

  71. z00k3r says:

    Hello guys

    I want to download this movie ,, friends told me its very good!
    However i can’t find german subtitles!
    Is there any Avaible ??
    THANKS z00k3r

  72. elle says:

    Thank you for the insight!

  73. igor polyakov says:

    Great movie! To be honest with you- this is one amongst very few movies i saw through years which i’ve watched from the very beginning till the very end and didn’t use fast forward and etc. I support your cause – free internet & creativity inspiring each other as much as possible for the greater good for all mankind. I would like to donate but there is no option to pay with visa card or any other (russian local) services i have access to.
    Anyway, keep up the good work, the right ideas will win eventually.

  74. Erik says:

    Hello, i just wanted to say that this was a great video! And i’m thinking about donating some money here on this site later today! And i have faith in a free internet! It have been giving us so much since we got it so why shut down one of the biggest sites?


  75. Mikael Herrström says:

    Det första som slår mig är hur snygg filmen är rent fotografiskt. Det andra är att det är den bästa svenska filmen betraktat i underhållningsvärde sedan, tja…sjunde inseglet. Skitsnyggt filmiskt fotografi på allt från Stockholm till datakablar. Något man aldrig ser i vare sig Bron, Kon, Höök, Böök, Löök, Wallander eller Beck. Eller hypnotisören, eller inte om det vore din dotter osv osv.
    Resultatet är en jäkligt spännande dokumentär om en ödesfråga förpackad i ett konstverk som sticker långt ut och långt bort från svenska filminstitutet.

    Hats off för Klose.

  76. Does the CC license permit to broadcast this on an analog pirate TV station (no commercials)?

    As i would like to use this for the first “all-day-broadcast”.

  77. Anton says:

    Really enjoyed the film guys been supporting the piratebay since the very beginning. The only thing you guys could have done to improve the documentary, would be to show the more international view of filesharing at the time. How sites like torrentfreak and were taken down but pirate bay held it’s ground.

  78. remon says:

    Greetings from Philippines! Showing support for TPB! Keep fighting.

  79. Ali says:

    I’m going to start shit.

  80. nominatedbauyer says:

    Would you judge the appartman owner if some whores like to be fucked in his place?
    Even if the whore paid for renting the appartment, wich judge condems the owner of the appartment?
    That shold have been asked by the lawyer….

  81. Rina says:

    TPB, you are the future of Internet.

    Please don’t lose coz the younger generations can grow up and be like you >_<

  82. John Doe says:

    I started getting involved in the hacking/cracking/P2P/Anti-Copyright scene when I was only 11 years old. I’m a 90′s kid so of course I have a nerdy side. I have been a member of the pirate bay for a very long time. I created my account near the sites creation. Without The Pirate Bay I would not be who I am. I would not have been motivated to learn about certain things if it wasn’t for your attitudes, political views, and most importantly, I would not have had the information I needed to learn and grow.

    Watching this film really made me sad. You are cool for doing what you do, your not all the spitting image of good health, and neither am I. But you are my hero’s. You are inspirational. You are making a difference. Stay strong my friends, your warriors of the digital and political world. And your WINNING!!! Like Charlie Sheen. :) Serving a few months in jail sucks, but it’s part of the battle.

    Never give up, never say die. We will not forget, we will not forgive. We are many, and we support you! No matter what, we won’t let you lose.


  83. I will right away seize your rss as I can’t in finding your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please allow me understand so that I may just subscribe. Thanks. Thomas Sabo Brand Name Identified Well With Fashionable Jewelry

  84. rageh says:

    You are always better …
    Now I am working on something beautiful …My favorite site, of course, is
    Pirate Bay … Well done

  85. Hello guys,
    I worked in IT in my city (Carlos Barbosa, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil).
    I like very much of the your documentary.
    I use debian and ubunut for long time, long life for free software.
    No kill this project.
    Well done TPB.
    Thx Miguel

  86. James says:

    Thankyou for your sacrifices in keeping the internet uncensored


  87. Rick says:

    You guys fight to keep the internet what should be; owned and operated by the people who built it. Keep up the good work!

  88. aziz says:

    je me fair des amis

  89. Arhaan says:

    you guyz are odd. you support piracy and yet you are selling your video. It doesnt make sense.

  90. Fairy Willow says:

    Since I help to fund your kickstarter… is it okay for me to shamelessly plug my kickstarter here?

    Thanks for anyone that shows support!

    Troll Love ~T

  91. But here are a few other advantages you should know about:
    . Here is one important tip-it: It’s always sensible to start trading in very small amounts of money, in the
    initial stages, when you go into the real Forex market.
    International checks, now commonly used in Forex market purchases, are synchronized with automation technology.

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