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Financing TPB AFK
Even a Pirate Bay-documentary costs money to produce.

We’re looking for financing cooperation for TPB AFK through tv-channels, film institutes and film funds as well as through crowd financing. So far the film is produced by the Swedish Film Institute and the regional film fund Film i Skåne.

We are raising 25 000 USD so we can start editing the material as soon as the court of appeal hearing ends. With over 200 hours of material the editing process is a costly and time consuming part. The money we raise will go to studio rent and an editor.

Support the making of this movie on kickstarter! Another way to help us and other creators is by trying out the brand new social micropayment system flattr. If you don’t want to register, feel free to support us via Paypal. If you’re Swedish, Bankgiro or Payson work just as fine.






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