The Film

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

Directed by
Simon Klose

Edited by
Per K Kirkegaard

Sound design
Morten Groth Brandt

Ola Fløttum

Script Consultants
Janus Billeskov Jansen
Mikael Wranell

Graphics by

Produced by
Martin Persson
Simon Klose
Signe Byrge Sørenssen
Anne Köhncke

Co-produced by
Torstein Grude

82 min

Country of origin

Release date
2013 TBA

Financed by
SVT, NRK, DR, BBC, VPRO, ARTE/ZDF, Film i Skåne,  NFTF, The Swedish Film Institute, The Danish Film Institute, the Norwegian Film Institute, Fritt Ord, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and a swarm of crowdfunding backers.

TPB AFK logo bat cave


It’s the day before the trial starts. Fredrik packs a computer into a rusty old Volvo. Along with his Pirate Bay co-founders, he faces $13 million in damage claims to Hollywood in a copyright infringement case. Fredrik is on his way to install a new computer in the secret server hall. This is where the world’s largest file sharing site is hidden.

When the hacker prodigy Gottfrid, the internet activist Peter and the network nerd Fredrik are found guilty, they are confronted with the reality of life offline – away from keyboard. But deep down in dark data centres, clandestine computers quietly continue to duplicate files.

374 Responses to The Film

  1. Tusé says:

    You guys are the best!
    Greetings from hungary!

  2. Osama Khalid says:

    Is it going to be an English film? (I see subtitles)

    • CH23 says:

      i think most of it will be subtitled, since the three founders don’t speak english by default….

    • Bill Gates says:

      Well of course it will not be in US-Englisch! Using this language you would violate copyrights. First by using the english language and typed letters (mmhhh lets wait how created the alpahbet, gee I don´t remember – and I don´t want to know I would have to pay their desandants! I violated that copyright so many times!) And copyright and patent laws only applys to american businesses. As you all could see with the famous Anthrax case. So since we do not agree to give away one single letter of our US-English alphabet and you are not going to pay the copyright fees for it – this film is never going to be in US-Englisch or we are going to sew you again! Ah and while I am already making my statement here some news for you guys. My good old friend Jacques P. Perold and his colleague Ronald P. O’Hanley ar going to sew all your parents. Your parents violated copyright laws by creating you filsharer filth. Actually they copied and reproduced genes were my friends hold the patent on. So you better prepare for massive court hearings!

      Beside of that, long live TPB and freedom of speach. Copyright inforcement is the end of the freedom of speach! To the Pirat Bay founders I am sorry that you guys have to go through such a gauntlet – but I hope that your sacrifiece of time, health and joir de vivre is going to be for the good of many many thousands of other peoples. You will not be forgotten!

  3. Matt LaGrone says:

    Their story needs to be told. Kudos to the makers! And the founders of TPB.

  4. Sergey says:

    Hi, guys! You must do this, and I want to help you.
    I am a graphic artist, and if you need something just write me;)

  5. shoaib haider says:

    love u guys and waiting for ur movie and very much thanking ful to u guys …
    sharing is caring…

  6. George says:

    Freedom to minds!

  7. Gizmo says:

    I can’t wait to see it.
    Greetings from Romania!

  8. Gizmo says:

    I liked this a lot :) ): “Just some stats… … here are some reasons why TPB is down sometimes – and how long it usually takes to fix: Tiamo gets *very* drunk and then something crashes: 4 days
    Anakata gets a really bad cold and noone is around: 7 days
    The US and Swedish gov. forces the police to steal our servers: 3 days
    .. yawn.”

  9. voix says:

    Guys i encourage you in this battle, keep going, keep fighting, i don’t know what my life would be w/o TPB
    i can’t hide that TBP is censored in here :( but i always find a way to get to the site.
    i hope that the film will wake everybody up and free TBP from censorship.
    please do your best.
    i don’t want to see ordinary documentary.
    i want to see something special.
    make it target all the society not only geeks and nerds please.
    make it a liberty matter.
    so everybody will be involved.

    Greeting from North Africa.

  10. Deividas says:

    I can’t wait until the movie is out !

  11. Carlos says:

    All the best to all of you.
    Greetings from Uruguay – South America

  12. Niko says:

    you guys have my support. the creator/consumer animated video made 150% complete sense. why do the creators let themselves get the shaft? you would think they would have thought of this years ago

  13. Niko says:

    oh yeah PS good luck from the US

  14. Prince Vargas says:

    I can’t live without the pirate bay :’/

  15. Theil says:

    you’re the best! greetings from Venezuela

  16. thomas flournoy says:

    are you trying to sell it or will it be freely distributed?

  17. Julian says:

    good luck. and i hope this project don’t get rip off by the USA evil hands as many others. from Colombia

    • Stine says:

      How could it be “ripped off”? Its a free download from tpb..
      and judging a whole country by a few copyright ass clowns is like me saying to you “stop killing children with your evil cocaine you columbian scum drug lord”



  18. Kinky Jake says:

    All the best bud!
    Keep it Real!
    From India.

  19. walhyx says:

    good job !

  20. Butcher ZV says:

    Woooow! This looks great! And also please add Serbian or Croatian subtitles on your DVD! If you want I will help you making subtitles for that languages!

  21. Nejc says:

    great!! Keep on the good work.

  22. DrewKrew says:

    Hmmmmm… better than spandex pants indeed.


  23. joe archimedes says:

    wish i could be part of you guys. you’re in a surreal kinda way. i get all i want and more for free thanks to you. the world owes u a big one. and so do i. i am resident in africa. we don’t do much credit card. how can i contribute? i am more than willing to.

  24. theperson says:

    You guys are the best.

    Regards from Nepal.

  25. orku says:

    Freedom to all media!!

    greetings from POLAND

  26. Mogwai says:

    Throw in some full frontal female nudity and a car chase and you’ll have the eyes of the world upon your work.

    I’d watch it. :p

  27. jules says:

    ….pirates are the shit, fuck copyright.

    ….nice website, nice plan, nice people!

    can not wait to download the documentary.

  28. Adi711 says:

    Hi, guys… Your the best I hope it will end up in a good way… POLAND is wiv u guys…

  29. Hello Pirate Bay founders and enthusiast, I am greatly appreciative of your hard work and dedication to free information! It is people like you who will actually affect change on the riche’s power over the world. I as an American citizen salute Pirate Bay for their patriotism and their view on educating the public! For it is we who have the true power, what the money men are afraid of is an educated population. Once the poor become aware and educated of whats really happening in this world, only then will we ever have a chance of the human race succeeding in our quest for knowledge and humanity ever lasting!

  30. Adi711 says:

    Hi guys again… It would be great, if the subtitles on DVD could b in Polish as well, I can help u translate from English to Polish Just contact me on this e-mail i own these guys, a big favour, 4 their website, so might as well help wiv subtitles.

  31. Vlad says:

    You guys are awesome if there is anything i can do just ask
    Even if i cant do much i am only 14
    Nice going tell those greedy bastards

  32. I love you guys, your the greatest!



  33. Cyrill Cassin says:

    Will be glad to help making Russian translation as well as the subs. Make no mistake – Russia is with you, too. Keep it up!

    • Vitalii Martynov says:

      I’ll be happy to watch it anyway: in English or Russian.
      But it’ll be better to translate because not everyone Russian guy knows English language.
      If it’s needed, I can help with translating this movie.

  34. maniacsolstice says:

    Finally, a group of people with the balls and power to step up for the rest of us, you guys have a great thing going, don’t let those assholes censor you, if anything was to happen , I bet there’s enough pirates and hackers out there willing to wreak havoc on the internet and stand out for you guys.

  35. Mana says:

    See the funny thing is, sooner or later Hollywood will probably make a film about your lives. Although we may have to wait a while for that dust to settle.

    Thanks guys.

  36. orfeas0 says:

    Greeting from Greece. Keep up the good work!

  37. Slips says:

    I am from the USA, I wish I could check a box on my taxes each year to just send you guys the money so it wouldn’t be wasted.
    Right on!!

  38. Bogdan says:

    Not their business to judge people for having a different perspective about the world we live in. Thumbs down for WH pushing European governments like that.

    Tiamo, Brokep, Anakata, you are not alone! You got all the support from Romania, “pirates nest” no 2.

  39. Artanis says: is awesome, and I hope you will be able to keep it online. You did a great job fighting for internet rights and I hope more people will help keep the internet free and uncensored.
    From Romania, a developer that doesn’t think TPB is killing his business as a software programmer.

    I salute you.

  40. RaKs says:

    Support from Australia!

  41. Johan Montag says:

    Thank you for your continuing diligence. To geekily quote the veteran in the bar in WC IV: “The price of freedom (real freedom, not this USA mass-market police-state pseudofreedom) is eternal vigilance.” That’s prob a Paul Revere or John Adams quote but I am too chiilaxed out right now to look it up, and am sick of the same “patriots” getting all the hype. What about Tecumseh or Pontiac, most American’s (I’m not saying I’m any better) couldn’t quote a single thing any of those homees laid down. Peace 2 the world, keep it free, keep it happening… Hell, live happy in the idea that we’re all gonna keep in going, sharing that is, in one form or another, eternally.

  42. Ezekiel says:

    You guys are the best.. Its people like you who create this world a better place. Sir, i m from a third world country where outside global knowledge and exposure is scarce not to mention of the little resources here.. TPB is the one and only local resource for budding students like me here to get global exposure to software programs and ebooks which generally is out of our reach not to mention of the exorbitant market prices. Lastly, Sirs, i wish my very best for whatever you are trying to do. Peace forever.. Can’t wait to watch the movie.

    Support from India,

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  44. mrtlg4 says:

    Sounds Good ! Long live TPB !
    Wish you Best Luck from Turkey.

  45. Manolo says:

    I hope the movie is a great support to defend the right to share in our stuff.

    Go Pirate Bay!

    Remember the subtitles in Spanish.

    Greetings from Chile
    Confío en que la pelicula sea un gran soporte para la defensa del derecho a compartir nuestros bienes.

    Fuerza Pirate Bay!

    Recuerden los subtitulos en español.

    Saludos desde Chile

  46. JaxFat says:

    Keep on rockin in the free world!

  47. adam says:

    ACTA assholes will allways harass the heroes of internet freedom like 4 ch- uh… The Pirate bay well whatever man you have support in Cuba fight the charges and win through.

  48. Aditya Moghe says:

    This film will be a revolution.
    I have been supporting Piratebay and always will. You guys are the best. No word in the world is good enough to express what you are, what great thinking you have. You have motivated the world, even a country like mine who is not much into the internet sharing etc. The world owes you and will repay by standing with you on the frontline.
    You will fight and win.
    I find everything on Piratebay, anyone can.
    India supports you, each and every person who knows Piratebay will support this.
    All the best.

  49. Memex says:


    Yeah, yeah! What a great idea.

    Greetings and support from Mexico.

  50. TitaniumSquirrel says:

    Well someone’s gotta give you guys some love from the UK so here it is. Awesome site and we’re behind you too! Bring on the fat cats

  51. Avery says:


  52. AllRob says:

    As long as copy’rights’ exist, humanity won’t be free to be what it wants to be.

    Free of privileges and crazy laws prohibiting us from reaching our highest goals. (free information, not fck’n up the planet, healthy food, a sustainable future, etc, etc)

    Cause rights are nothing more then a bunch of privileges, because other people can take them away, nice rights:
    ‘Guaranteed to work until 2010′ or till a bad banker needs even more money or some other crazy reason.

    Keep up the fight people, doesn’t matter where or who you are or what you do!

    And on another subject: Subtitles / Dubbing:
    Isn’t it a good idea to start setting up a team worldwide to start on subtitles ASA(Humany)P !?
    I’m willing to create subtitles in Dutch, so that makes 2:
    Adi711 > Polish
    AllRob > Dutch
    Anyone else? Let’s create some impact with this :)
    (if you guys agree)

  53. Eldes says:

    All the best to all of you.
    Greetings from Brazil – South America

  54. Stefan Tkalcic says:

    Great to see somebody making a movie about this incredible story. The rest of the world’s eyes will be openened after even hearing that this story has two sides.
    Anyways, thank you for doing this.
    Canada sends their support to the director, and The Pirate Bay!

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  56. zendrax says:

    greetings from croatia

  57. salman says:

    i donated .. plz donote guys ..

  58. xult says:

    Greetings from the United Kingdom. I agree the documentary cannot be rushed and must contain the outcome of the TPB founders appeal. Please do take your time and make the story worth telling. Probably end up being a movie funded by Warner
    Brothers starring Leonardo De Caprio,Sean Been and Jim Carrey as the founders, with music provided by Metallica. All free of charge.

  59. Bart says:

    Don’t stop ever. Your work is honest, and that’s one rare event. best regards from California

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  62. Marius Schoof (Holland) says:

    Be sure to reach the whole world with it. Not only TPB downloaders. That’d be fun. :D

  63. Guilherme says:

    Greetings from brazil

    Are these some kind of modern heroes?

    I want to believe so

  64. corrosion says:

    you are the man
    that’s what i can say

    hats off
    greetings from india

  65. Silvara says:

    I’m very eager to view it !

    Hoping for French subtitles…

  66. John Rajz says:

    Let us order “TPB AFK” T-shirts to support the film making!

  67. Juan Carlos says:

    I´ve already written a post in my blog about the film (spanish).

    Greetings from Peru!!

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  69. mcfly says:

    Keep up the good work ! !

    cant’t wait to see the whole movie

  70. tv24live says:

    when the movie goes out ?

  71. sadam says:

    TPB your the best

  72. Rohit Gaur says:

    Cant wait to see it! kudos to the founders!!

  73. Raphael says:

    You are the best

    sharing is caring

    greetings from Brazil

  74. zzzaaakkkoooppp says:

    fuck free tibet – free internet!!!

  75. Nicole says:

    guys! goodluck tomorrow! you will need it to fight!!
    don’t give up! ur doin an excellent job… FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM!!

  76. Xero says:

    ~ * TPB IS THE BEST * ~

    Greetings from Pakistan.

  77. Daniel says:

    1 day to go…
    Thanks a lot! All the best to all of you.


  78. JoeyRH says:

    Tell the world the story of your lives and how you changed all of ours forever.

    With love from London, England.

  79. Jake says:

    Thanks for your website services! Let those record labels know who’s boss.

    Greetings from Minnesota, USA

  80. Erik says:

    Fuck usa layers! Tpb rocks and Mexico is on your side!

  81. Mexican Bombish says:

    Saludos desde Mexico cabrones!!!! Since I discovered your website all of m school uses it. It even has the biggest dick videos ever! Hahaha just kidding…. Mexico backs you and tell those pussy-fearing, cock-eating, and homo=loving lawyers to go fuck someone else or get taste the mexican chili!

  82. We are following the story with you just update the links to us when the movie is released so we can post it on our blog too TPB-FTW!

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  84. DeadSoul says:

    I love TPB. Congrats from Portugal

  85. corey6sic6 says:

    I am so glad that you guys write history beacuse you really doing it….the all globe is supporting you,we are with you…
    i hope that we gonna win this war against them….
    Cant w8 to see the film….i hope to be something really great and special about the 3 guys and their awesome site that make the people to feel brothers eachother…
    …WRITE HISTORY…like you did it in the past…

    corey6sic6 from greece

  86. RamonHa says:

    Freedom of Speech, Thought, Information, Celebration
    in (analog or digital) Any Way !

    Let’s Not Make Always the Same Mistakes !

    People should be FREE,
    Life should be a Discovery, not a CoverUp…

    may the power be with YOU! greetz from Holland


  87. nom.on.yakisoba says:

    Greetings from Pinellas Florida USA. Cant wait for the movie.

  88. People just don’t know the future of information and the web. The Pirate Bay is truly the new ‘Fight Club’.

  89. Tmc says:

    So, we’re still waiting for a proper edit?
    If you don’t find something soon, what will probably end up happening is releasing all the clips and allowing each person to make their own editing of the movie. Then people will trade them and eventually the *best version* will become the “ONE” that gets to be the “final cut”. There are film makers who have used this approach before, but they released it as a 200-500gb set of files… I hope it’s not nearly that big in size.. then again, maybe I do– I’ve got the speed! Muhahaha…

    • simme says:

      Nope, we’re editing this the traditional way. We’re still at least a year away though.


  90. BJJR says:

    Hey guys!

    What a f’n great movie will this be yea?!
    Greetings from Holland!

    Put in dutch subtitles aswell, and i can NOT help you with that since im not a certified linguistic pirate. But if there’s nobody else, harrr ill do it for a sack a shiny gold! :p

    Just lemme know harrr! TPB AFK FTW!

  91. 007 says:

    Dont let the time goe! Innovate or die! U are very god! Cheers

  92. YourEvilMonk says:

    I Soley Believe in Copyright Material. That the original author of the work owns the work. So there for the work should not be reproduced/commercialized without approval of the author. I do believe people should be allowed to share my work, as long as they say it was made by me. I work in a photo lab and we combat copyright theft everyday its hard to tell people that this is the law, “you don’t own that photo, the person who took it does, and you just bought a piece of paper to look at” It sounds harsh but its true. We should have the right to copy it to our needs as long as it isn’t sold to someone else. I wish I could tell my customers to buy a scanner and make your own copy, but that too is against the law. *Here in USA*

  93. henngel says:


    para cuando saldra al aire el documental???


  94. Bobby Dukett says:

    This post will go nicely on my personal blog

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  96. Shahrukh says:

    I love Pirate bay.Thank you very much Tiamo,Brokep and Anakata,for introducing us to a whole new world.As TPB says,sharing is caring,keep sharing guys.My best wishes for you 3 founders.

  97. henngel says:

    q hay,
    3 days left to verdict of appeal.
    osea el documental saldria para el viernes :D
    o talvez no? ¿o.O?

    salu2. a todo el staff
    y a los panas de venezuela q esten x aki tmb (Y)

  98. Resurrector says:

    To hell with the lawyers.. courts.. and Record Companies.. they just want to keep having a big giant slide of the pie.. while the dumb artist/programmer its getting less earnings.. they will never understand the importance that file sharing has had in the latest decade.. and they will never and ever understand how big is this online community who thumbs up for ThePirateBay

  99. starpilgrim says:

    Don’t you guys and gals think that it will be wise to start making some distribution strategy to make shure that this info will make it throughout communities all over the world? Yes. we need this explosion of fresh ideas. They may help in getting media back to serving the peoples not just corporations. Greetings to all in freedom of spirit and peace of mind.

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  101. instr says:

    keep going guys!
    greetings from norway!

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  103. WTF says:

    Are you guys all fucking nuts??
    Yeah great, awesome, everyone gets everything for free…
    So the people who create what you’re getting for free get nothing.
    So eventually it is no longer worthwhile creating anything, and then what do you have?? NOTHING!!
    So congratulations on being ignorant enough to believe that this is a positive change in the world!
    When everything’s free, nothing is worth anything!!
    So keep going, download the world till there’s nothing left.
    You’re insane if you think this can go on forever.

    • DoNotRead says:

      Do u by any chance know of “Utopia”?!

    • Joe says:


      The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

      cant – dissimulation – double-dealing – insincerity

      just want you to understand what you are. You think people are nuts for believing in freedom of sharing?
      Sir you are part of the problem in fact you are the core of the problem. Creativity and innovation are not inspired through money.


      The use of the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work.


      Money, is a worthless piece of paper that is created by man and has no real value.

      Since the beginning of time Man got out of the caves they used call home to explore the world. All the cave drawings were not there because someone paid a caveman but rather to document the experiences they went through in one of the most primitive creative way known to mankind.

      Last but not least please do take a minute out of your day to take your head out of your ass and try to see the wold for what it really is.

  104. Felipe BR says:

    Hey guys! Good job, I’m a TPB fan since it started and I wanna help!
    If you guys want some help on translating the subtitles from English to Portuguese Brazil, send me an e-mail.

    : )

  105. Jaake says:

    When is the film being released? :D

  106. DirtyDK says:

    this is gunna be EPIC!!
    @jaake its getting released when the court appeal case thing is over.

    oh and
    Greetings from the United Kingdom, England.

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  109. Some russian dude says:

    >early 2013
    Maaaan, the waiting is killing me. FFFFUUUUUU

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    Glad I found a way to make a small donation to this project–best of luck, much gratitude and solidarity, and can’t wait to see the film.

  226. Jorg Haenen says:

    Subtitles translated by me to Dutch,

    /tc 00:00:14:00 00:00:17:11
    De Amerikaanse regering bedreigde
    Zweden met sancties.

    /tc 00:00:17:16 00:00:20:06
    -tenzij file sharing sites, zoals
    The Pirate Bay, zijn uitgeschakeld.

    /tc 00:00:23:13 00:00:28:04
    Het proces tegen de oprichters van
    The Pirate Bay begint morgen.

    /tc 00:00:28:08 00:00:31:21
    Wat gaan ze er over doen?
    Ze hebben al een keer gefaald om de website naar beneden te halen.

    /tc 00:00:32:00 00:00:33:22
    Ze zijn hartelijk welkom om het nog een keer te proberen,
    En nog een keer te falen.

    /tc 00:00:34:01 00:00:36:14
    De proef van morgen is niet
    over de wet, het gaat over politiek.

    /tc 00:00:36:18 00:00:41:21
    Het is een genoegen om aan te kondigen
    dat de Pirate Bay weer online is!
    /tc 00:00:42:00 00:00:44:00
    Je kan m’n kont kussen, Hollywood!

    /tc 00:00:44:17 00:00:49:22
    Ze hebben een bedrijf gebouwd op basis van
    De misdaden die andere mensen gepleegd hebben.

    /tc 00:00:50:01 00:00:53:19
    Wij eisen vergoedingen van 13 miljoen dollar.

    /tc 00:00:53:23 00:00:56:14
    Fredrik Neij vermeld
    dat zodra hij een e-mail kreeg-
    /tc 00:00:56:18 00:00:58:07
    -van iemand
    Die copyright owners representeert-

    /tc 00:00:58:11 00:01:00:13
    Waarom verzonden ze het naar jou?

    /tc 00:01:01:18 00:01:05:09
    Ik druk me goed in het schrijven,
    tegenover Fredrik.
    /tc 00:01:12:09 00:01:14:07
    Wanneer ontmoeten jullie voor het eerst
    In IRL?

    /tc 00:01:14:1 00:01:19:23
    We gebruiken nooit IRL.
    We zeggen ”Away from Keyboard”. We denken dat het internet echt is.

    /tc 00:01:33:14 00:01:34:15

    /tc 00:01:34:16 00:01:36:17
    Ik heb onthoud! Ik heb de hele dag niet op het internet gezeten.

  227. Daniel says:

    I can’t wait to be released the movie, you have my support. Greetings from Romania!

  228. Célia says:

    I’ve translated your trailer in French. If you need somebody, I can do the same for the entire movie. Don’t hesitate to contact me ! I’ll be very please to help you.

    /tc 00:00:14:00 00:00:17:11
    The US government
    threatened Sweden with sanctions
    Le gouvernement américain
    a menacé la Suède de sanctions

    /tc 00:00:17:16 00:00:20:06
    -unless file sharing sites, like
    the Pirate Bay, are shut down.
    Si jamais les sites de partage de fichiers, tels que
    The Pirate Bay, ne sont pas fermés.

    /tc 00:00:23:13 00:00:28:04
    The trial against the founders of
    the Pirate Bay begins tomorrow.
    Le procès contre les fondateurs de
    The Pirate Bay commence demain.

    /tc 00:00:28:08 00:00:31:21
    What are they going to do about it?
    They’ve failed taking the site down once.
    Qu’est-ce qu’ils vont faire ?
    Ils n’ont pas réussi à fermer le site la première fois.

    /tc 00:00:32:00 00:00:33:22
    They’re welcome
    to come and fail again.
    Ils sont les bienvenus
    si ils veulent venir et échouer encore.

    /tc 00:00:34:01 00:00:36:14
    The trial tomorrow is not
    about the law, it’s about politics.
    Le procès de demain ne concerne pas
    la loi mais la politique.

    /tc 00:00:36:18 00:00:41:21
    It’s a pleasure to announce
    that the Pirate Bay is back online!
    C’est un plaisir d’annoncer
    que The Pirate Bay est de retour en ligne !

    /tc 00:00:42:00 00:00:44:00
    In your face, Hollywood!
    Dans ta gueule Hollywood !

    /tc 00:00:44:17 00:00:49:22
    They have built a business based
    on other people committing crimes.
    Ils ont construit une entreprise basée
    sur les crimes d’autres personnes.

    /tc 00:00:50:01 00:00:53:19
    We’re demanding compensations
    of $13 million.
    Nous demandons des compensations
    de 13 millions de dollars.

    /tc 00:00:53:23 00:00:56:14
    Fredrik Neij stated
    that as soon as he got an email-
    Fredrik Neij a expliqué que
    dès qu’il recevait un email

    /tc 00:00:56:18 00:00:58:07
    -from someone
    representing copyright owners-
    de quelqu’un
    représentant les détenteurs du copyright

    /tc 00:00:58:11 00:01:00:13
    Why was it sent to you?
    Pourquoi ça t’a été envoyé à toi ?

    /tc 00:01:01:18 00:01:05:09
    I express myself well in writing,
    as opposed to Fredrik.
    Je m’exprime bien par écrit,
    par rapport à Fredrik.

    /tc 00:01:12:09 00:01:14:07
    When was the first time
    you met IRL?
    Quelle a été la dernière fois
    que tu as rencontré quelqu’un en vrai ?

    /tc 00:01:14:1 00:01:19:23
    We don’t use the expression IRL.
    We say ”Away from Keyboard”. We think the internet is for real.
    On ne dit plus “en vrai”.
    On dit “Parti du clavier”. On pense qu’Internet existe vraiment.

    /tc 00:01:33:14 00:01:34:15
    Pourquoi !

    /tc 00:01:34:16 00:01:36:17
    I have abstinence! I haven’t
    been on the internet all day.
    J’ai été abstinent ! Je n’ai pas
    été sur Internet de toute la journée.

  229. six morus says:


  230. Carbon Paper says:

    Your hard work on the web site is appreciated. Freedom has won and will continue to win if we all stand together.
    We the people keep the rich comfortable with our blood and sweet. You would think the rich would let us have something free.

    This is our Wild West.

    ^5 TPB

    Carbon paper out.

    end line

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    great job amazing website greetings from Guanajuato Mexico. we wont be surrender to the law of corrupt governments. the do as i say not as i do is over

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    Long live TPB more power!

    *Greetings from Philippines

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    Best wishes from Romania. TPB will live forever no matter what or who is trying to stop it.

  236. Ze Ninguém says:

    Brazilian Portuguese subtitles:

    /tc 00:00:14:00 00:00:17:11
    O governo dos EUA
    ameaçou a Suécia com sanções.

    /tc 00:00:17:16 00:00:20:06
    - a não ser que os sites de compartilhamento, como
    o Pirate Bay, sejam fechados.

    /tc 00:00:23:13 00:00:28:04
    O julgamento contra os fundadores do
    Pirate Bay começa amanhã.

    /tc 00:00:28:08 00:00:31:21
    O que eles farão a respeito?
    Eles fracassaram em fechar o site uma vez.

    /tc 00:00:32:00 00:00:33:22
    Eles são bem vindos
    a vir e fracassar novamente.

    /tc 00:00:34:01 00:00:36:14
    O julgamento amanhã não tem a ver
    com a lei, tem a ver com política.

    /tc 00:00:36:18 00:00:41:21
    É um prazer anunciar
    que o Pirate Bay está novamente online!

    /tc 00:00:42:00 00:00:44:00
    “Na sua cara”, Hollywood!

    /tc 00:00:44:17 00:00:49:22
    Eles construíram um negócio baseado
    em crimes cometidos por outras pessoas.

    /tc 00:00:50:01 00:00:53:19
    Estamos requerendo compensações
    de 13 million de dólares.

    /tc 00:00:53:23 00:00:56:14
    Fredrik Neij disse
    que tão logo ele tenha um email-

    /tc 00:00:56:18 00:00:58:07
    -de alguém
    representando os donos dos direitos-

    /tc 00:00:58:11 00:01:00:13
    Porque foi enviado para você?

    /tc 00:01:01:18 00:01:05:09
    Eu me expresso bem escrevendo
    diferentemente de Frederik.

    /tc 00:01:12:09 00:01:14:07
    Quando foi a primeira vez
    que você encontrou IRL?

    /tc 00:01:14:1 00:01:19:23
    Não usamos a expressão IRL.
    Dizemos “Longe do Teclado”. Achamos que a internet é real.

    /tc 00:01:33:14 00:01:34:15
    Que p*rra é essa!

    /tc 00:01:34:16 00:01:36:17
    Eu tenho abstinência! Eu não
    estive na internet o dia todo.

  237. Knile says:

    The world is changing. Hollywood is losing. My thoughts are with the men that made all of this possible. Thank you guys for all that you have done, and all you are doing. The fight continues. Cheers mates.

  238. foobar says:

    Greetings from Paraguay.

    Thank you.

    TPB rocks.

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    Good luck and best wishes from the U.S.

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    Ni står för att saker och ting som delar deras synpunkt.

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    although I cannot support you guys physically I will be spreading the word as wide as possible. I do have a question though: how are you going to keep it from being uploaded on your own website? Won’t that keep people from donating money?

    Best of luck!

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    Film looks amazing, can’t wait!
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    Good luck guys!

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    Long live TPB you guys are best, and still waiting for the movie to come out, Greeting from Morocco

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    <acronym title="THE Best , THE piratebay"

  259. fuck you america says:

    This is yet another american fucken witch hunt, just like the napster shit. FUCK YOU AMERICA.

  260. Thomas says:

    LLTPB, forever.

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    WOW!! I just can’t wait to download this!! LOL! SEED PPL SEED WHEN ITS OUT!!

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    Pirate Bay is the best, from Puerto Rico!

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    i love you guys keep up the good work i dont know what id do with out you guys its our generation know they had there time
    its the hackers that screw it all up with there virus and as for the us goes i love the us but the internet was made to be free it should be free they still make there money

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    you;r the best guys,keep it this way ;) Greeting from Albania!

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    You are f** awesome Simon
    Thanks for getting through with this movie
    I am counting the minutes so I can download and watch the movie
    good work in keeping the expectations “HIGH”
    you have my well deserved respect

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    One more day, been waiting forever to see it! Great work Simon, your a great man.

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    Just 12 hours more, guys i respect what you´re doing and andmire the way you fight for freedom, long live to the porate bay!! support form Mexico!!

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    I can’t wait to see the movie!!!

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    Mabuhay Piratebay!

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    mabuhay kayo mga bayani ng internet!

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    Are Finnish subtitles included? I’ll buy a copy straight away if they are!

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    Niech zyja Piraci/Lang Leben die Piraten! :)

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    Long live TPB!
    We are with you guys!
    Dont let them touch you!
    Greetings from Serbia!

  290. Eamonn says:

    Just shat bricks after that movie. I am an American sadly and all i have to say is i hate my own country. I am sorry on behalf of all my people for being such greed filled bastards. This is the way things should be, you nailed it. All of you, thanks for kick starting the idea of new perspectives.

  291. Mile says:

    You guys are the best, go on…
    Greetings from Croatia!

  292. culonTM says:

    You are the MEN!!! You have done A GREAT PIECE OF ART.
    Сongratulations and support from Ukraine!

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    Thanks for all your beautiful work! Thanks for TPB and Simon & crew for this amazing documentary.
    I love the photography of this movie but the credits doesn’t give any name so I supposed that Simon or Per Kirkegaard had made it.
    Anyway that’s a very good job guys!

  294. Daniel Rea says:

    Greetings From Ireland! Downloading TBP AFK RIght Now!!!

  295. Khyra says:

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    I would like the DVD to be translated into Romanian language as well if possible.

  303. M.Corleone says:

    Great Documentary
    gonna share it with a lot of people
    Greetings and Support from Egypt
    In your face Hollywood
    In your face American politics

  304. The best site in the world!!!! GOOD JOB
    Fuck hollywood !

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    Peace from the netherlands!

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  310. Mikael Herrström says:

    Det första som slår mig är hur snygg filmen är rent fotografiskt. Det andra är att det är den bästa svenska filmen betraktat i underhållningsvärde sedan, tja…sjunde inseglet. Skitsnyggt filmiskt fotografi på allt från Stockholm till datakablar. Något man aldrig ser i vare sig Bron, Kon, Höök, Böök, Löök, Wallander eller Beck. Eller hypnotisören, eller inte om det vore din dotter osv osv.
    Resultatet är en jäkligt spännande dokumentär om en ödesfråga förpackad i ett konstverk som sticker långt ut och långt bort från svenska filminstitutet.

    Hats off för Klose.

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    Well of course it will not be in US-Englisch! Using this language you would violate copyrights. First by using the english language and typed letters (mmhhh lets wait how created the alpahbet, gee I don´t remember – and I don´t want to know I would have to pay their desandants! I violated that copyright so many times!) And copyright and patent laws only applys to american businesses. As you all could see with the famous Anthrax case. So since we do not agree to give away one single letter of our US-English alphabet and you are not going to pay the copyright fees for it – this film is never going to be in US-Englisch or we are going to sew you again! Ah and while I am already making my statement here some news for you guys. My good old friend Jacques P. Perold and his colleague Ronald P. O’Hanley ar going to sew all your parents. Your parents violated copyright laws by creating you filsharer filth. Actually they copied and reproduced genes were my friends hold the patent on. So you better prepare for massive court hearings!

    Beside of that, long live TPB and freedom of speach. Copyright inforcement is the end of the freedom of speach! To the Pirat Bay founders I am sorry that you guys have to go through such a gauntlet – but I hope that your sacrifiece of time, health and joir de vivre is going to be for the good of many many thousands of other peoples. You will not be forgotten!

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  326. Jack says:

    Hi all was just wondering if any one has noticed ‘iTunes’ is actually selling this movie for $24.99 (Australian Dollar). Considering that on this site the movie is sold for $10 for a digital download it would seem iTunes are making money from each download which is a clear violation of the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND. Just thought i should point this out seeing as Apple have complained about their software being on TPB now they are making profits from someone else’s work without permission unless TPB signed a copyright waiver deal.

    Was just wishing to alert everyone and find out if they are doing this illegally. Long Live TPB

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    Article writing is also a excitement, if you be familiar with then you can write if not it is complex to

  329. Ro507 says:

    I just hate what he said aboout imigrants and he is marrid to malayan woman thats hypocrisy anway they did great job and i will always support them FREE INTERNET1

  330. Lastivka says:

    Greetings and much love from Ukraine!
    Long live TPB! Never don’t give up the fight for FREE INTERNET!

    Oh, and stay strong Anakata!

    Thanks for everything xxx

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  332. The film was great. I love the music. I wish they had some DJ mixing in it.

  333. Manu says:

    I don’t think TPB was guilty at all. They just created a site for people to share files. And when it got famous, they made some money out of it.
    I’m not very clear on how this technology (P2P) works but what the users uploaded was their own choice. TPB did not ask the users for money, right? Why should they be convicted for hosting .torr files? How is hosting a bunch of tracker data equivalent to copyright infringement when you’re not in possession of the actual file?
    Yes, they did aid to the sharing of the file. But that again is up to the user to decide what he/she shares, right ?

  334. Anas says:

    Long Live TPB !
    Greetings from Syria

  335. kenstarr says:

    This is really interesting can’t imagine tpb down it’s been the truth for years.I have a mac and could care for a virus.keep up the fight filamseo

  336. kenstarr says:

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  337. Long live TPB
    Love from INDIA

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    Greetings and support from Poland!
    I really love TPB!


  340. Diogo Lemos says:

    You guys are fun to watch… even with a trial ;)

    I work in IT and I appreciate the work you’ve been doing for the internet. TPB has changed the way things work, but for the better. These old politicians sitting in big chairs and sucking money from the real artists is depressing.

    Thanks for fighting for a free internet.

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    Love, knowledge, faith.

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