The Director

Simon Klose grew up in Lund, Sweden. He has a law degree from Stockholm University and has lived on and off in Japan, South Africa and Sweden.




The Producers


Martin Persson




Signe_byrge_SMALL_120pxSigne Byrge Sørensen
Signe has been a producer for 12 years, the last six with Final Cut. Her focus is on documentaries, and she has produced documentaries in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Thailand and Argentina, besides Denmark and Sweden. She holds an MA in International Development Studies and Communication Studies from Roskilde University, Denmark.


Anne_Koncke_SMALL_120pxAnne Köhncke

Anne has been a producer at Final Cut since June 2009, and has previously worked as Commissioning Editor of documentaries at DR2, Danish Broadcasting Corporation and as Sales Executive at TV2 World, selling international documentaries. She holds an MA in film from the University of Copenhagen, specialized in financing of documentaries in the Nordic countries, and has worked with Nordisk Forum for Co-financing of Documentaries for 6 years.

The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard, Simon Klose,

The Art Director
Finsta is one of the leading contemporary urban artists in Europe. His love for popular culture and the urban environment, in combination with a desire to be seen and to produce works available to the broad public, has made him a pioneer in the new wave of pop artists.

27 Responses to Filmmakers

  1. Lukas says:

    Damn i love Sweden! its one of the few countries i Europe that are NOT racist and have a REAL pirate party!

    • Swede says:

      Lukas: Sweden is very racist.

      • Doabie says:

        Not if you compare with the rest of Europe.

        • Claus says:

          During your recent election for Riksdagen the debate in Denamrk centered around whether the swedes were actually just as racist as the rest of us (Europe) but just oppressing it politically and in nationwide media, alledgedly because of it being a taboo in public eyes and therefore a strict (racist) immigration policy hasn’t been politically correct to even discuss and have an open dabate about..

          • reason says:

            Why would anyone even differentiate between Sweden and Europe?
            Sweden is in Europe, it lies on the Eurasian continent and even is part of the European Union.

            So why the heck would anyone make a distinction by saying “Sweden and Europe”? That makes no sense, unless one is illiterate and ill-informed.

            Btw, we love the Scandinavians. All of them! Even the Finnish :) Just kidding, without exception all of them, wholeheartedly.
            So from my heart: greetings from Europe to Europe ;)

      • Alf says:

        Sweden is not racist at all compared to the rest of the world. But sure it exists, but where does it not?

        • Melvin says:

          Racism, like anything else exists in reality just for the fact that we have a word for the idea.
          And, like anything else, it exists in degrees in every human, in every country, every continent (even wonderful europe), in every news report, in everything.
          It’s not about being more or less racist and pointing fingers but about becoming aware of the degree of racism in yourself (it’s there believe me, even in you) so you can act consciously upon it.

  2. Akbar says:

    Yo mate! It seems like we have some common taste in music as well as the interest in documentary films.I will check out your work as soon as i´we got my broadband up and running. (just mooved into a new flat.)

    Keep up the good work!
    Good luck with the TPB-Project.

  3. Narcarsiss says:

    I have been waiting for this for like eva always wanted to know what made these guys tick, and the inside look to there homie style hardware

  4. Dylan says:

    I’m wondering, will you release all of the hours of raw film so people can make their own edits? I would love it if this could happen, let me know!

  5. 日本ヲタ says:

    Wow, as a Japan-Nerd, i’m also VERY interested in “現在地 (You Are Here)”. Why not also raise for this one? I really would help finance it.

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  14. King Kong says:


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