TPB AFK DELETED SCENE: This is not a political trial from TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Doc on Vimeo.

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  1. That is amazingly true and I totally support your initiative.
    Show them what’s right and what’s wrong!!! =)

  2. Thomas Blue says:

    Hey, Iv’e been using ThePirateBay for a while now and I have come to understand that Obviously Global Copyright laws. are flawed in many ways. As a resident of the UK we are under an immense amount of pressure to pay bad rates for movies and music. A CD would cost say £10 where as if the Creator sold directly to the consumer then it would be cheaper for us. And they would receive more money. The Sales would Rise to expandentualy. Forcing Big company’s to stop selling other creators products for a much higher price. But having said that, The companies will go out of business making the economy drop. Which in the long run wouldn’t do so good.

    I like the fact that you have put it in plain terms. That the Creator would get more money for their product. That would seem like a much better idea.

    P.s I like what you guys are doing and give you all the support you need. I would give you money but I do not have the funds to give. I am sorry
    Swedish (Used google Translator sorry if done incorrectly)

    Hej, har Iv’e använder ThePirateBay ett tag nu och jag har insett det uppenbart globala upphovsrättslagar. är bristfälliga på många sätt. Som en person med hemvist i Förenade kungariket är under ett enormt tryck att betala dåliga priser för film och musik. En CD skulle kosta säga £ 10 var som om Skaparen säljs direkt till konsumenten så skulle det bli billigare för oss. Och de skulle få mer pengar. Den Försäljningen skulle öka till expandentualy. Att tvinga Big företaget att sluta sälja andra upphovsmän produkter för ett mycket högre pris. Men med det sagt, kommer företagen att gå i konkurs gör ekonomin sjunker. Vilket i längden inte skulle göra det bra.

    Jag gillar det faktum att ni har lagt det i klartext. Att Skaparen skulle få mer pengar för sin produkt. Det skulle verka som en mycket bättre idé.

    Ps Jag gillar vad ni gör och ger dig all den support du behöver. Jag skulle ge dig pengar, men jag har inte pengar att ge. Jag är ledsen

  3. Lukas says:

    I´m really looking foreword to watch the movie!

  4. raed says:

    they bring down mininova .. they bring down thepiratebay .. still the trend would persist, there exists a very strong momentum towards open distribution, they are just “refreshing” the marketplace this way, because they create a fillable vacancy in a world wide web :)

    the pirate bay is just a name out of thousands of names and forms of open access, they can’t simply stop it!

  5. Well… uhm… where can I download my free copy of the documentary? Wheres the torrent?


    • Andreas says:

      Hi Cursious Person
      Since the documentary isn’t done yet it is impossible to download it. When it is done and released you will be able to download it for free, as it says on the first page:
      “TPB AFK will be released under the Creative Common licence BY-SA (Attricution/Share Alike). That means you can distribute and remix it as long as you mention who produced it, and you can’t stop people from remixing your remixes.”


  6. JOel says:

    Interesting concept, I notice you are saying that the makers make 500% in your video but you fail to add in costs like making c.d and d.v.d’s and everybody who is involved. If the maker could do every job involved in lets say from directing a movie to releasing a dvd they would make 100% instead of 2%, but they cannot. Instead by downloading films and music your in fact cutting profit margins and alot of people are making less money from their films. this effects everyone in the film process, graphics designers, everyone.

    Your not only hurting hollywood but the thousand apon millions of everyday people employed by this process. Right down the the guy who sells you the dvd relying on his weekly wage to feed his family. They are the people you want to cut out.

    • Jon says:

      You really don’t get it do you? By selling directly he means online sale of digital media… Physical storage units like CD’s and DVD’s are ridiculously outdated. And what’s that about the guy having to feed his family? You wouldn’t expect someone who decided to sell b/w TV’s to be able to make a living off of it, would you?
      Big up to the guys at TPB.

      Cheers from Denmark. Blessed be open DNS.

    • Emil says:

      Brad Pitt could make $20k a year and still be a lucky fucking cunt. That pretty much sums up my entire argument.

    • Scorpicore says:

      Like we give a crap about those corporate pigs trying to fill their pockets with other peoples money… Wanna know why people download instead of buying? first, it is fucking cheap because you dont pay for it, you dont take up physical space in your home since 3 dvd boxes uses the same space as an external HDD that can hold minimum 150 movies in sharp details and subs in your preferred language. Nobody gives a fukcing crap about what the director thinks about the movie he directed, so why the hell add in on a dvd/BR release? WASTE, I SAY!. Also, consider this… You bitch like a little girl who had her popsickle stolen by the bully in 2nd grade, about how the music/movie/etc industry is losing money. Here is a newsflash for you.. YOU CAN NOT LOSE WHAT YOU NEVER HAD IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

      Besides, what do you think a DVD or BR disk is made of? what do you think happens to a broken disk? it is thrown into the trashcan… Sadly, because it contains aluminium and polycarbonate, and the latter is composed from Bisfenol A, which has recently been banned from use in baby bottles in the US… Guess you dont want to massacre mother nature, but you have no problems sticking your tongue out when it comes to corporate ass licking… Guess you won 1st prize in that..

  7. CoffeeJunkie says:

    been waiting for this and stories like it about the internet underground. i’m a father now but the feeling and spirit of the internet underground has always been with me since my c64 years… kudos friends

  8. Wurp says:

    Where can i find Mr. Pettersson’s Thesis?

  9. Johan says:

    I smell, someone is creating history here…

  10. Mauro Silva says:

    I recive my 1st computer 6 years ago…3 years later…i meet for the 1st time….it was the best that apeen to me! i get everiting a wanth…especialy movies from Disney like Goofey and stuff! that kind of films weren´t seeling for more thant 5 years! were can i get the movie???? im a shoop? no! i didin´t see those movies any were!…The pirat bay has them…America is like the king…every 1 is afraid of them…why? they have wepons…we to! they can have more guns…but i hope that Pirat bay´s lwyers will give more fight! ahahhaha!

    I hope to my sons…grandSons…to use pirat bay like i did, i do…and expect to do till die…

    From Portugal a BIG UP TO YOU ALL!

  11. Tyler ITA says:

    The Best Site!!

  12. Skinnybill says:

    These videos are good. I like TPB and back you in what you do.

    I personally think that things like computer programs shouldnt cost money. You pay enough for a computer and the internet.

    I never actually noticed how little the creator gets either. Very informative :-)

    • anonymous says:

      Programmers make a living from that.. same as you do going to work everyday doing your job and getting some $$$ at the end of the week/month :/

      • Anonymous says:

        You should also keep in mind that a large amount of torrent users will use the “Try before you buy” slogan. When a company gives a free trial download, they deny some of the features which will give you false ideas about what the program is capable of. I used to be one of the idiots that only used shareware/limited trials and I would buy programs expecting certain features, and these features would not work like I imagined or was told. I do not support getting the program through torrent and leaving it like that, but I do support the “try before you buy” ideal. I am an indie artist in the US and I allow people to download my music for free. I have even posted it on TPB. If someone downloads it, great. If they like it, I hope they support me and purchase a copy from my website. But if they don’t, it doesn’t bother me. I download music all the time. If I like it, I buy it. If I don’t, I hit that delete button and there is no harm done. I hope I made sense in my rambling. If not, then you should really take a step back and look a little harder at the big picture.

  13. Stownard says:

    I’ve just funded this project with 60$. Too bad the dollar went up or I’d give a 100$, but it was a bit too much for me right now.

    Best of luck, I have a lot of faith in this project!

    Regards from Norway

  14. OHismiwiiknis says:

    @ JOel:

    unfortunately, you have a warped view of how movies or music, or any form of entertainment should be sold. the fact is that entertainment seems to be treated differently from the way every other sold item is treated.

    take food, for instance. and PAY ATTENTION, because there are several parallels here.

    i go to a restaraunt. i look at the menu. i order what is described as a delicious tasting meal. i get the meal. i taste the meal. i vomit in my mouth, because the meal is horrible. i call the waiter and tell him that this meal is disgusting. he apologizes, and takes the meal away, tells his manager, and the cook is diciplined for his failure. i am then not charged for the meal, and i’m treated to a free one, or at least a discounted meal of my choice.

    with entertainment, i read a review that says a movie was good. i go see the movie. i hate the movie. i can’t get my money back for the movie. if i bought the dvd, i also can’t get my money back because of store rules regarding returns of entertainment items. im stuck with a subpar movie, and the money goes into the pocket of the man, so that he can continue making horrible movies.

    with filesharing, however, one is able to watch an entire movie or album to see if he enjoys it as a whole. if he deems it worthy, he will buy the movie to support more movies of this kind. if everyone in the world behaved in this manner, all of the horrible movies would cease to ba made, because no money would be received for them.

    in essence, pirating is saving the entertainment industry by forcing the creators to raise their standards and move up instead of down or sideways.

    • gabriel says:

      that’s a very naive way of looking at it. humanity is not as benevolent as you would think it to be. such a model would be exploited by most of the population. people would watch a movie and regardless of the quality of the movie they wouldn’t pay for it. why? because it is human nature to take the “easier” way out. a select few would purchase the movie after already seeing it. this model would leave the creators of art with very little money.

      • OHismiwiiknis says:


        “a select few would purchase the movie after already seeing it.”

        this encompasses everything i just said. only the best movies would be funded, and all the rest would die quickly and not be missed.

        • gabriel says:

          it’s kind of immature to deem everyone who disagrees with you a “fail”. get over yourself.

        • gabriel says:

          secondly you seem to misunderstand/ignore most of what I said. Most people would not pay for content REGARDLESS of the quality of the content, thus punishing both crappy and well made films/music/etc

          • raed says:

            what the bloody @#%^ you guys are thinking?! physical products could never be treated the same way as informational ones .. you can’t copy a laptop .. but you could leak a know-how .. being fundamentally of differing natures then they should be economivally treated very distinctively as well. and that’s not what happens!! and that’s why there’s “info-sharing”

          • Anonymous says:

            You seem to understand/ignore that most musical artists do not even make money from the sale of their cd’s. They make money from Concerts. A record label gives an artist $XXX.XX and that artist uses the money to get the album published. Anything left over is kept by the artist. After recording is finished, that music becomes the sole property of the record label. The label then pays to have a bunch of cd’s made and then pays to ship them and then collect the profits. Unless you haven’t noticed, artists are not the ones contacting TPB or any other “infringer”, the labels are. Because it is the label that is losing money.

            As far as film actors are concerned, they are paid millions up front as well. After the movie is made, it is the sole property of the film company, i.e. Miramax, Universal, etc. etc. To get the rest of the story, see paragraph above.

    • Slim Cognito says:


      you’re general proposol is good but please do tell me what happens to the films that get cut? there are a lot of movies and even the most crappy 1s have their share of followers. i can personally name a few of which certain people would tell me i’ve got great taste while others would tell me to commit suicide. it’s all about taste my friend and your suggested model although a very good idea would probably lead to people eventually hating the industry, and by extension start hating multiple multimedia forms. not all of em, but enough.

    • Anonymous says:

      I love this. It’s perfect. You know what it is? It’s natural selection, but for the industry. Pure capitalism. The good movies live…and the shit is shunned.

  15. JadedTech says:

    I think @OHismiwiiknis got it pretty good there. There are some movies that I will own because they are that good and of course noone can ever download a concert experience or overpriced t-shirts.

    Sure, out of that 500% increase income, there will be some production costs but really, when you become digital, your costs are reduced a fair bit.

    “You are putting people out of work.”

    Such a weak excuse. That is the cry of people unwilling to change and adapt to the times. This is simply the way life goes. Industries change. Business models change. I wonder if Towne Criers fought so hard against the printing press….

  16. OHismiwiiknis says:

    you hit the nail on the head JadedTech. industry has behaved in the manner you described since the beginning of the existence of trade. something is created, someone reveals a weakness in that creation, the creator adapts. history has shown that this is NEVER a bad thing. rather, it is the very foundation of what could be called industrial revolution or “natural selection”.

    you don’t have to be a believer in natural selection to know that the fundamental concept behind the idea is true for many things. the fact is that natural selection- its effect on human society- has done what is sometimes necessary to move humanity in the right direction.

    as JadedTech puts it so well, what did Towne Criers do after the printing press? that’s a model example… what did the post office do after email? what will CNN do after peace conquers wars(hypothetically speaking)?

    they all have the same thing in common. they adapt. it would be absurd for any of them to sue the latter. yet, somehow, entertainment is treated as royal ocean in this regard.

    WAKE UP. “Industries change. Business models change.” nothing is truer than these two statements.

    the fact is that each lawsuit gets millions more people hooked on filesharing, and that’s GREAT. filesharing is not a virus that needs to be immunized.

    and it’s not merely the sculptor of the entertainment industry; it’s the basis, the enforcer, of natural selection. it’s the printing press. it’s email. it’s peace after all wars. it has used what society has given it to use. how could you blame it for doing what comes naturally?

    the bottom line:

    filesharing = industrial evolution.

  17. gabriel says:

    hey your idea sounds great besides the fact that on sites like TPB no money is ever introduced into the equation. The consumer “cheats” (if you will) the creator of content by gaining access for free. the model you talk about in the video is interesting but where is it being applied?

  18. gabriel says:

    let me add one thing: I am skeptical of this movement but basically believe in its underlying principles. I don’t know much about it so excuse me if I sound ignorant here but I just the idea of radically free material is worrying to me because it doesn’t only hurt the big media executives it seems to hurt the artists and creators behind the content as-well. how will they get the funds to do research, create new projects, etc. There needs to be some sort of financial reward/incentive context for art to be created. I think the one we have in the western world is flawed, but it shouldn’t just be done away with, rather reformed.

    • OHismiwiiknis says:

      really? the big movie executives? come on gabriel, you just said that we don’t need expulsion, but reform. that’s what this entire discussion has been about.

      there is a reason it’s called a filesharing COMMUNITY; because everyone helps out each other. when i upload a torrent, i include a link for the product to be bought from, because there are those who will not abuse filesharing. they’ll support the creators with what they need, IF THEY DESERVE IT.

      watch the video 2 or 3 more times, and you’ll understand it better.

      • gabriel says:

        I understand the video just fine, that’s not what confuses me. The problem is this, and read carefully, if you want to make this model economically viable for ALL content creators you can’t rely on just a small sliver of the population to give money to good content while the rest of the population exploits the content without paying for it, and that’s exactly what will happen. On the whole, people will not pay for content when they can get it for free, regardless of its quality.

        • OHismiwiiknis says:

          i see your point. however, you might as well apply that concept to every other ideal. politics, for example. if you look at the model of communism(community), democracy, monarchy, you can see that these all have valiant and noble ideas of cultural behaviors. but with your reasoning, everything about them is wrong and they should be abolished, because 97% of the people will not abide by those ideals, while a measly 3% obey the principles.

          i’m not throwing my support to any of these governments, but if i did, i wouldn’t say that they need to be brought down because most people aren’t going to follow good samaritanism or equality or love of your fellowman. that would be silly of me. instead, i would encourage others to be obedient, and do my part for myself.

          same with this. i’m doing my part. i’m encouraging others to be responsible filesharers. i’m not trying to bring down the system because of it’s not working perfectly. that would be silly.


          • gabriel says:

            TInteresting analogy but it doesn’t hold up. Common ideals that are shared by political systems (don’t see why you included Monarchy in there) are life, liberty, civil freedom, etc these “noble values” are not analogous to creative content. Firstly, the value of creative content varies from person to person, for example the millions of Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber fans, “good” content means something different to everyone… but in the case of civil liberties generally they are valued and accepted by everyone on somewhat of an equal level.

            That’s as far as I can go to respond to your post because I don’t see how my reasoning declares that everything that is noble is wrong.

          • Anonymous says:

            @ gabriel
            Also because most threaded forums wouldn’t be so senseless as to let you continue to go deeper.

  19. ruan says:

    I don’t think $25 000 is enough to do a proper job.

  20. Kinky Jake says:

    They are too strong, we are too weak!
    Like the Pink Floyd Song with Lyrics
    “Us and Them” , the moment the “Us”
    will grow, the “them” will have no choice
    but to change!
    ‘Live free or die trying’
    –Good Luck and God’s speed!

    You are the new age teck warriors,
    the war is a different one this time.
    –Have no mercy, take no prisoners…


  21. JOel says:

    @ OHismiwiiknis

    “with filesharing, however, one is able to watch an entire movie or album to see if he enjoys it as a whole. if he deems it worthy, he will buy the movie to support more movies of this kind. if everyone in the world behaved in this manner, all of the horrible movies would cease to be made, because no money would be received for them.”

    This will never happen buddy. Maybe if your lucky 3% of people who download might do this, but the other 97% will never even think about paying for a movie they have for free on their computer. I even doubt that 3% is small enough to represent the millions who download.

    that is your warped view of entertainment

    and then comparing apples with oranges but saying “take food, for instance. and PAY ATTENTION, because there are several parallels here.

    i go to a restaraunt. (restaurant)

    You’d get closer to “hitting the nail” if maybe you talked about how farmers make less than 5% of profit once compared to prices the markets sell meat for. Maybe you’d suggest the farmer sell us the meat directly like pirate bay is suggesting. But you seem to forget that sheep need to be looked after which leave the farmer no time to kill the sheep himself or trim the sheep’s coat because he had 500+ sheep. Or drive the sheep himself to the butchers, then again he won’t be able to cut it himself either. Just to put it in realism for you this will never happen maybe the sheep farmer might make once off sales to friends and family yes, but he won’t ever be able to do all that work himself like an movie producer if I may.

    Face reality nobody is going to pay for something they can get for free, you might be looking for the industry to evolve like they do but they don’t evolve into something which won’t work

    • OHismiwiiknis says:

      lol. you aren’t JOel. get a life troll.

    • OHismiwiiknis says:


      the real naivety comes from your idea of comparing farmers to entertainment. food processing is quite different from movies and music. i thank you though for giving me another illustration to work with.

      a farmer raises cows. his cows require feed and water and land to graze. he provides them with this and they give him milk, more cows, and in the future, leather and meat. the farmer can easily handle processing the cows on his own, because HE DOESN’T HAVE HUNDREDS OF THEM TO TAKE CARE OF, and he makes an honest living on it.

      the farmer wants more money, and realizes that if he hired a middle man to take care of the latter chores, he could handle raising more cows without losing time.

      this process works great for him, because he makes much more than 2% of the final price for the meat and leather, and he still gets his milk and new cows from the ones he takes care of presently. he is in no way suffering because of his decision to delegate.

      you know JOel, i think that if that farmer figured out how to turn that food into 0′s and 1′s and send it through an email to my mouth, he would do that instead of paying those other guys to give it to me.


      • OLE Man Rivers says:

        Yea and then he would give the cows mad cows disease. We are no where near the end and I’m not dying.

    • gabriel says:

      “This will never happen buddy. Maybe if your lucky 3% of people who download might do this, but the other 97% will never even think about paying for a movie they have for free on their computer. I even doubt that 3% is small enough to represent the millions who download.”


      this is the crux of the problem. ‘hit the nail right on the head’

    • Fredo says:

      This is where statistics (and a whole lotta recordings artists) say otherwise.
      Filesharing has led to increased profits and wider distribution… not to mention higher success chances in many a case.

  22. JOel says:

    And as far as I can see you most likely just paid money for a dvd or code to support this Movie, guess what, if you don’t like it you won’t get your money back. So I have a feeling your in debate with me for a totally different reason that piratebay are fighting for.

    • OHismiwiiknis says:


      this documentary is going to go up on TPB the very first day it’s released.

      i’m no hypocrite. i don’t pay for something that is crap. i’ll treat this documentary in the same manner that i treat anything else. try, then buy.

  23. Dan says:

    500% more for them, 90% cost less for us. That is how the farmer’s markets started. Now food there costs more than the stores. Bulk stores, cut out the packages, savings!!! They cost more than the same thing in the colorful boxes. And newspapers, buy them online, my gosh the savings, no paper and printing and driving all over town to throw it on the driveway. Savings? No!!! cost half as much more for on line. Now, you say this would save us 90%, Yea right.

  24. OHismiwiiknis says:

    i think it’s safe to say that we’ve reached an idealistic impass. i can admit when i’m wrong, but i have to believe it first. i don’t believe that what we’re doing here is wrong, you do. i respect that belief, but i remain opposed to it.

    no sense beating a quadrapalegic horse, so i’ll just say… i respect you, and thanks for being a good sport in this mass debating. ;)

  25. laurencemanc says:

    i am going to illegally download your film.

  26. JOel says:

    Yes both comments were really me. I think your still failing to see the original point.

    Environments evolve. Only for the greater good, less money in costs, sacking workers for machines yes.. But the entertainment industry won’t move forward to free file sharing of movies letting the viewers decide, to pay or not, As this is not cost effective.

    Debated Point below
    Farmers cannot send food thru an email lol, and if they could they wouldn’t send it to you for free to decide weather or not your going to pay for it.


    • OHismiwiiknis says:

      why not? if i buy that farmer’s meat from the store, and it’s nasty, i can bring it back and get a refund. if i could buy it digitally, he should offer a refund if it’s nasty then as well.

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  28. OLE Man Rivers says:

    J-Z the rapper made somewhere around 65 Million last yr, I have not one of his songs on my list of music.. But then again I don’t listen to that type of music, but if I did I would be checking it for free before paying a damn penny to him or his people. People should not be so jealous of these dudes. This stuff happens everywhere not just at TPB.. EVERYWHERE.
    peace out !!!

  29. aerospike says:

    Regarding the movie industry anyone can check the facts

    10 of the top 10 most expensive movies were made in the last 5 years.

    7 of the top 10 best worldwide box office’s are from the last 5 years

    In conclusion, there has never been so much money being spent and earned making movies.

    Maybe Hollywood should send some millions to the file sharing networks for helping to promote their movies.

    cheers to all

  30. OHismiwiiknis says:

    i’m sad because of your gayness.

  31. Erick says:

    hi guys im a big fan of the TPB and their responses to the other lawyers il share the link around and post it on my forums
    and ur right guys if i boght it its mine and i can do what ever the fuck i whant i payed for it no them so they can fuck off

  32. JOel says:

    “why not? if i buy that farmer’s meat from the store, and it’s nasty, i can bring it back and get a refund. if i could buy it digitally, he should offer a refund if it’s nasty then as well.”

    I’m going to stop this useless debate with you as you pick one thing to say about the example and keep trying to fight the same point. please read the rest of my comment.

    And again to prove you wrong , for a farmer to sell his meat in a store defeats the purpose your trying to debate, your saying he’ll do everything himself. There is no way if he is selling publicly he’d have the time to run a store if this is what you mean (him running the farm, tending the sheep and a store) because like my first example the reason movie producers dont make 100% of the money is because its faster and better for them to get all the people down the line to do the rest of the movie making proccess. After reading your comment I have a feeling your not the real OHismiwiikni, and if anybody else trys to be OHismiwiiknis please read the whole debate to save yourself from looking like a fool.

  33. David Johnson says:

    I just made a donation on the Kickstarter site, and I couldn’t be happier. I am so excited to see the film, and I really hope that this movement keeps gaining momentum.

  34. Amartya says:

    Good creators, artistically speaking deserves to be rewarded… that is the issue right there: does file sharing will compensate the people who create the content available on file sharing? After all they worked for it! Yet I would suggest a way to keep the reward in and adapt to the future with electronic content distribution wether it be music, movies, games, softwares… We have nowadays access to too many of those products, let’s face it the majority of us can not afford to buy everything we would like to watch. And some of those electronic product are truly over-priced even if we’d indulge in testing them. So for example we should be able watch a good half of a movie for free before deciding wether to buy the rest or not. For music get 2/3 songs for free (and we can choose witch one) before deciding wether to acquire the whole album or not.
    And since it literally cost nothing to reproduce these electronic content. the price should be extremely revised downward. We are this generation born into computer, we arerealizing that technologies do and will change the world and no matter what evolution is and will happen. Imagine tomorrow’s world where 1 movie cost 1 or 2$ but your market is world wide, if the movie’s good the people who produced it will get very rich very quickly because millions of people would have bought it the see it entirely. Ask yourself the question would pay 1$ for a movies that you know
    you are enjoying? My answer is yes absolutely! Music 1$ for
    the whole album… This model can amply reward the creators because a hell lots of people would be willing to pay for those music and movies. This is the future a good album could rapidly make 50 millions worldwide and good movies (who won a rewards for example) could bring 300$ millions easy. The rest other lower quality content will still make money, less but still, the very bad one will lose money, just like in any business. Talent will be rewarded by people themselves in a new direct way. Everybody will be happy and it is fair for everyone. It will be a better world. We people of earth want this fairness and improved modern world. So let’s demand exactly that for our future!
    Thank you so much to the Pirate bay for being part of this new vision and future, God bless TPB and its authors.

  35. Slim says:

    Love you guys!!! I wanna see this one!!!

  36. René says:

    File sharing will happen either way weather tpb is shut down or not wich is why i find this so dumb. They are simply a part of the puzzle. The point they make tho about the creator need to addapt theyr way of distribution. Allowing for legal downloading at a reduced price will increase theyr own profit is something i highly agree with. Making 1 million CDs and shipping them arround the world costs a FORTUNE. However uploading a simple file allows for world wide distribution with only the cost of bandwith to think about. Hardly comparable prices i would imagine. The other thing i find crazy is saying that piratebay is stealing and bla bla bla when tpb simply allowes ppl to access information that has been upbloaded. i mean google isnt being sued for pornography when any 10 year old can go on turn of the adult filter and look up any picture they want. As i see it tpb arent doing anything wrong its the people who rip a song and upload it who are, yet tpb are taking the blame.

  37. Doc Holiday says:

    I first started using Piratebay way back,,after I got bored of IRC channels. The first program I downloaded was a DVD Extractor program as I had already found a program for shrinking Video files. I was in Canada and was using an internet supplied by my cable company called Rogers. After downloading the program from TPB I recieved a very strong worded “snail” mail letter. In it it described that the program i just downloaded was an illegal program and any future downloads from TPB was going to put my internet in jeopardy. I immediately sent the snail mail letter to the local media stations, and then nothing more was said and i was not kicked off the internet thru this cable company, but I did find it odd back in those days,,how a cable company who was supplying me with my media,,,wether it be the TV, phone and internet, could try and tell me to not go to a website.

  38. René says:

    Heard of many stories like it, and my first thought was; why the fuck were the internet companies monitoring ppls website visits. wheres the privacy. Politicians tried to tell Telenor (big internet and gsm provider) in norway to monitor ppls traffic so they could see who went on tpb to catch them in illagal downloading. Telenor told them to fuck off. Hat off to that.

  39. nicknack says:

    As an architecture student in the US, TPB is a crucial element to getting ahead in the world, or even keeping up, as a student we are already paying $$,$$$ per year for tuition, and then we are expected to present professional results with professional programs so that when we get into the professional world we can transition seamlessly, ONE PROBLEM, those professional programs cost anywhere from $500 for sketchup pro to $10,000 for maya 3d render, so as the founder of Adobe put it, it is okay that their products are being file shared because when we get to the professional field, we can’t use pirated copies or flags would pop up, so therefore it is just a great marketing scheme to get the youth using there programs and then have to pay top dollar full price when we get into our fields! TPB 4Life

  40. Shawn says:

    I totally agree with this, but i was discussing it with my girlfriend and she said what about all those people including herself who enjoy the physical copy of a CD or DVD being able to look at the cover art? I also enjoy flicking through the art work a band has decided would represent their ideas and emotions best in the booklets that come with CD’s so I’m torn between thinking we need to develop technologically and go with TPB or needing that sense of reality and holding the thing i just bought in my hands.

    Just my thoughts.

  41. GildedOne says:

    I am very poor! Spending my money on DVDs and CDs (which are outdated mediums) is a huge waste of my resources. I could do almost nothing else if I choose to only do the things I enjoy I could probably not even pay my rent. For being able to download whatever I like whenever I want it via file sharing I save a huge amount of money that would otherwise be put mostly into “the mans” pocket. I’m pretty sure we all know who the man is and why he doesn’t really need anymore money.

  42. Mikael says:

    I have had many discussions about filesharing, and i have come to realize that there is not all as easy as we think it is. Everyone needs to get paid, i can see that point. But the fact is that the record companies are horribly out of date.

    Just think about it for a second, the copyrights does not make sense at all.

    basically if i share my idea with someone, can i forbid them to pass it on?
    Take for example my comment right here, should it be copyrighted? Why not? it is my own work etc. etc.

    i think the record companies are pathetic losers that dont WANT to follow the expansion of new technology. Its not like they cant, the just dont want to, since then they would not make that much money. I think it is unfair that some prick should live in a villa larger than mine and all my friends houses put together. I can only laugh at the record companies that make so much money… Its not only record companies tho, for example football players are just as despicable. Why should one get that much money for running after a freaking ball?

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  44. DVNO says:

    You all seam to forget a VERY big point here.

    For instance, to build a car it takes 1000% less money the what you actually pay for it at the consumer side. Yet, to research a new car or a new technology it takes millions if not BILLIONS of dollars. That’s why the margins need to be so big. Usually when the model or technology breaks even, you see a downturn on the market price, a price drop. If you take out the margins, you will kill progress.

    The one’s that tend to justify this trough the means of a “community” fail to realize a principal of management. You can’t mix onion’s with apples. You do not live in a community base economy. If you did you wouldn’t have problems like famine, corruption, wars, etc.

    So how can you ask to “turn the table”? Illegal sharing has no equity and you can’t take proprietary media has a commodity. You would kill it.

    It’s like shooting yourself on the foot.

    Regarding the theory that “direct sales” to the final consumer would be a WIN WIN, it’s not. Or it would had been implemented already. In fact, that’s actually a business model. On the other side, if the entertainment industry chooses to use a business model of relativism (middle man’s), it’s because the pipeline of direct sales would not be efficient.

    So you want films like avatar and LOTR and whatnot, but you don’t want to pay for them? I’m sorry but this is just being an hypocrite. I’m not saying that thing are not inflactuated, that there are not more viable means and propositions. But the BIG point is that the market was not created this way, it didn’t born this way. It EVOLVED to this. And now you wanna turn the switch off? That’s irresponsible.

    What needs to grow has a community it’s not file sharing, but the general humanitarian consensus of spirituality. We should all oath to be better in ethics and compassion, that would fix a thing or 2.

    My view of the situation is that the consumer is failing and so are the producers on not realizing the demand. But the market adjusts itself, projects like TPB sustain growth and development applying competitive pressure and should not be punished, but should indeed be severed or stopped when point is made, it’s also true that the affected companie’s should not hide behind legal shields and should discuss terms directly with the consumer.

    I think that globally we need an independent and universally arbitrary judgment on behalf of both parties, something like a genebra convention, but for consumer rights.

    Bare in mind something, power must be NEVER centralized, we walk in to an era where it already his, and that’s a grave danger. Do not protect the corporations, but be reasonable.

  45. Id be Trapz says:

    wtf all ppl be donatin diz d00d ther cashz and n0w hes runnin wid it all to Gambodia. it’s a scam ldo.

  46. I undoubtedly did not know that. Learnt some thing new today! Thanks for that.

  47. PaceyPimps says:

    When is this movie finally coming out ?

  48. ful says:

    one small step for man, hopefully a big step for mankind

  49. hero says:

    yo wheres the download button XD (looks good)

  50. Geir Ronny Oberstad says:

    Its not about piracy its about freedom of choice, i’ve been involved in the so called underground of the web ever since win95 and the unwritten rule always has been and always will be:

    Download the software try it out and if you enjoy it purchase it and support the developers.

    If you watch a movie in the cinema and it’s shit are you gonna go ahead and purchase the DVD or BLU-RAY?

    I support PirateBay because I support Freedom!

    If I had a hat I would take it of for you guys! Keep up the good work, keep the web what it was inteded to be… FREE!

  51. George says:

    Word! Totally Agreed!!!! :-D

  52. deekeff says:

    Måste se! Helst nu!

  53. deekeff says:

    När kan man se den?

  54. italiansauce says:

    I think the main thing is that tpb supplies the easiest/fastest/ less annyoning way to acquire software/music/movies. Its just a better medium. Itunes figured that out and look how well that’s working.
    Give people a legitimate way of buying the same products but on a medium (p2p) that people use because its obviously superior to any other medium(as far as getting it out to the world) and selling it alot cheaper because it cuts out all the excessive advertising and labels and big companys using the people that actually create the content and paying them jack all.

  55. God can’t wait for the movie to be released !

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  57. Carbon Paper says:

    The producers of software/movies/music etc etc. Should have to reimburse me time and fuel when I return their product. There should be a fee charged to said producers just for time I spend in line to return their product. Make them accountable for their product.


    In other words, stop the crazy hurry hurry get something on the shelves before my competitor does.

    Make a good product and we will BUY it.(after a test drive)

    Carbon Paper out

    end line

  58. Ahzahail says:

    I feel like this is a good movement, but I think a major point has been missed. Money is the real issue here. Money is the cause of the problem. Capitalism was a good idea when scarcity was a reality. Today, modern technology has made abundance a reality. Machines produce goods faster and faster with less need for human labor. Capitalism has not come to terms with this. So people are left without jobs to support themselves. Then, when you introduce money changer organizations into the mix, it gets even worse. Artificial wealth creation through central banks, theft of wealth from common people through inflation, all with impunity. The system is broken. No form of government is exempt they all use capitalism as their building blocks. The only difference is the degree in which their government interferes in it’s capitalism. Capitalism actually stifles growth, industries’ need to survive will cause it to take ANY measure to ensure it’s existence (including killing healthy growth). It causes dishonesty, a person selling inferior products will withhold truths to sell His product, or starve for not selling it. We need a new building blocks, capitalism is broken. I don’t know a perfect answer, The best one I have found so far is a resource based economy. A brilliant man named Jacque Fresco proposed this form of government. Search for “The Venus Project”. Then let the discussions begin!

  59. n/a says:

    The problem is we have no balance. Hollywood is robbing people and people are steeling because it is not fair. We need a balance. Money compromises everything.

  60. Y.Linkovic says:

    I just don’t understand what the fuss is about.

    I upload a film that I have bought so my sister can see it. Its the same thing as though I gave it to her personally on a DVD. Now she can give it to her friends as though she would a DVD. There is no money gained from these transactions so there is no crime.

  61. Jallen Whitmore says:

    What time is the film premiere on at australia what time and day

  62. Jay Bailey (U.K) says:

    MASSIVE RESPECT to all you guys and the fight you keep on fighting for ALL of us!! I am a total pirate bay addict and have had the opportunity to get what I want, when I want, all thanks to you. Only 8 hours left until the long awaited premiere of TPB-AFK, I`m already sat here waiting. Thank you PIRATE BAY, you have my full support!!!!!!!!!!!..

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  65. Thom (FR) says:

    I’ve just watched the movie… It’s quite disturbing. I’m not really aware of the relationship going on between you guys, but I’m sad because of what I saw, you don’t seem to hold (behold/stand still?) as a team… You don’t really act like one anyway. I hope I misunderstood your behaviors!

    On an other hand, I fully respect you, your quest, your war, your actions, your website! That’s why I would be glad to share your sentence! I’m totally broke right now, so I won’t be really helpful about the fee. But since I’m as guilty as you are, I’m offering to share your prison sentence. We are ALL guilty, we are ALL enjoying your work but, unlike you, we are hiding in the internet shadows… Therefore, I find it quite reasonable (or even just “normal”), to take the blame. I’m not sure if you’ve already purged your sentence but, again, since you’re not the only ones, I think it would be fair to share. Today you ARE martyrs. I don’t like that word but… The french dictionnary states: “one who suffered standing by his beliefs”. You did, didn’t you? But from my perspective, you’re fucking Spartans! Kind of an army fighting for the free world… Music and movie industries are too oldschool to understand the people, too greedy and too lazy to learn or build a new economic model… They’re just bullshits. Literally. If i buy a record, can’t I just share it with a friend? If I want to upload a home-made movie of my last birthday, do I have to pay? I didn’t know “flattr” before this movie, but that’s a way to do it “properly”! Respect artists, encourage creatism, enhance freedom!

    On a final subject, racism makes me throw up. That part was also disturbing. You stand for freedom, don’t act like assholes. If foreigners piss you off, then just buy an island, or live in a cave. Otherwise, respect cultures, they’ll pay you back. The world is multi-cultural, stupidity comes from anywhere, respect is everything.

    Feel free to contact if your sentence is still ongoing.
    Sincerely yours,

    Thom from France.

    (sorry for my poor english-level)

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  67. Scorpicore says:

    Dear Thom.

    As you said, they dont seem as the best of friends, and I am not quite sure how you came to that, but it is your conclusion, and it is not for me to make you feel or think otherwise.
    I will only tell you this.

    I am sure that regardless of what happens between your left and right hand is never so bad that one would not scratch the other if it was in need. and vice versa (the other way around).

    I see this as a form of education about the lifes of 3 swedes (ALL HAIL THE 3 BROTHERS TO THE EAST) and how fucked up the minds of the corporate assholes are these days…

    Best wishes to everyone from Denmark.

    Sharing is caring

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  70. CoolpowerD says:

    Great movie!

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